iOS Animation with Swift

iOS Animation with Swift

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Learn to create cool visual effects to bring life to your iPhone apps

Graphics and Animations are an essential part of the iOS User Interface.

From a UX standpoint, it lets users know that something has updated or moved on the screen. From a Design point of view, animations are a fun way to draw attention of users and make your apps interactive. This is the extra value that will make your application stand out from others.

About the Class

The goal of the course is to teach techniques, from simple to complex, to create nice animation effects, bring life to iPhone apps, and offer an awesome user experience. This is another aspect of the iOS SDK that will make you enjoy iOS development even more.

What you will learn

In 4 chapters, you will take your iOS development experience to the next level with top notch portfolio-ready projects.

Topics Include

  • Basic Animation APIs of UIKit
  • Animation Effects (crossDissolve, cube transition, fade)
  • Custom View ControllerTransitions
  • Gradient Animation
  • Layer & iCore Animation

In Section 1, you will set the stage for basic, yet very cool, animation effects with Basic Animation APIs of UIKit to animate move, size and color. The first demo will show you how to animate objects on the UIKit. You will greet users with move and fade animations, create and adjust animation easing to customize visual effects.

Section 2 covers layer animations and the Core Animation API. We will dive into higher-levels of UIKit methods to animate view layers and create cool visual effects like gradient and shape animations. We’ll replicate the twitter the splash screen as an example of the powerful things you can achieve with view layers.

In Section 3, you will learn techniques to create your own custom view controller transition and presentation. By the end of the section, you will have created your own custom controller presentation controller with a picture gallery.

The Section 4 walks you through a Weather App tutorial with tableView rows animation, crossfade and cube transitions. We will use new techniques of transform, cross dissolve and fade animations to take your experience with iOS UI to the next level.

– Each section includes project-based demos and a finished app that you can showcase in your work. You are going to learn how to use view animations and how to convert a simple view into an awesome view. You will be introduced to iOS 9 iCore Animation to create an eye-catching splash screen and some other extras to set your app apart from others.

– By the end of the class, you will be well prepared to turn any views into and interesting, attractive, and fascinating user interface.

Table of Contents

Section 1 – Getting Started
01 Welcome
02 Class Requirements what you need
03 Class Requirements what you should know
04 Class Objectives & Presentation

Section 2 – UIView Animations
07 Hello World App Overview
08 Animating Hello World
09 animateWithDuration() Class method.txt
10 Delay & Completion Parameter
11 Alpha Changes
12 UIView Objects & Animatable Properties.txt
13 Random Quote App Overview
15 Displaying Quotes – IBAction
16 forismatic API usage.rtf
17 Fading Quotes In and Out
18 Random Colors
19 RGB Colors and UIColor().rtf
20 arc4random_uniform.rtf
21 Launchscreen & Login Form Animated (Spotify Brand)
23 Launch Screen – Visual Effect Blur
24 Spring Animation
25 Spring Animations parameters.txt
26 Adding Keyframe Animation
27 Animating the Login Form

Section 3 – Layer Animations
29 Slot Machine App Overview
30 UIPickerView
31 Spinning the Wheel
32 Emojis Unicode Table.txt
33 Winning Condition(IF-ELSE)
34 Animating Play Button
35 Animation Easing Options.rtf
36 Gradient Animation
37 IBInspectable.txt
38 Gradient Animation – END
39 Playing Sound (AV Foundation)
40 System Sound Services Reference (Apple Reference).rtf
41 Twitter SplashScreen Intro
43 Layer Mask
44 Reveal and Animation with iCore Animation
45 AnimationDidStop()

Section 4 – Custom View Controllers Transition
46 Overview
48 Custom Segue
49 Creating a Segue Class
50 UIStoryboardSegue Class Reference.rtf
51 Perform & Animate Segue
52 Transition Manager
53 UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate Protocol Reference.rtf
54 DismissViewController
56 Overview & ProjectFiles
57 Image Categories
58 CollectionView Data Source
59 Adding Photos to Library
60 Push Segue
61 Pictures Collection – Like Instagram!
62 Customizing the Picture Gallery – Data Source
63 Animator Class
65 Container View & Transition Context
66 Scale Transform
67 Adding TapGestureRecognizer
68 Dismiss PhotoViewController

Section 5 – Weather App
70 Project Files
71 Api Calls & Weather Forecast Data
72 OpenWeatherMap API Documentation
74 Get Weather Data (JSON response)
75 Table View
76 Animating the Table Rows
77 5-day Weather Forecast
78 Display Date
79 Fade In & Out Transition
80 Cube Transition
81 Cross Fade Animation
82 Conclusion & Final Words