Ionic 4 Projects

Ionic 4 Projects
Ionic 4 Projects
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Build 5 amazing, cross-platform mobile apps with Ionic 4

Ionic helps you build performant and high-quality hybrid apps with familiar technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This course will walk you through 5 interesting Ionic projects! You’ll learn how to take advantage of the latest Ionic components and curated Cordova plugins, and piece them together to build beautiful cross-platform apps that work on the web, Android, and iOS.

Firstly, you’ll build an app that recommends what to have for dinner, with recipes right in your phone. Then you’ll develop a productivity timer that keeps developers focused at work. After that, you’ll use AI to automatically classify and organize your photos and save them to the cloud. Then you’ll build a full-fledged Inventory Helper app that will help improve operational processes for various industries. Finally, you’ll create a social app that locates vegan restaurants around your current location.

Throughout these engaging projects, you’ll gradually go from Ionic basics to implementing advanced functionalities in your apps. By the end of the course, you will have upgraded your Ionic 4 skillset and gained practical knowledge based on different project types and real-world scenarios.


  • Effectively utilize the Angular router to easily manage all interactions
  • Quickly build beautiful layouts for your projects with Ionic web components
  • Explore different @ionic-native library plugins for native phone features
  • Make applications consume REST APIs to display valuable information
  • Use Firebase as a scalable backend for mobile development
Table of Contents

What to Eat
1 The Course Overview
2 Asynchronous HTTP Requests
3 Refactoring the Application and Basic Types
4 Infinite Scroll
5 Routing to a New Page and Sanitizing an External URL
6 Displaying Ingredients and Instructions

Pomodoro Timer
7 Adding Timer Functionality
8 Installing Android Studio and Running the Android Emulator
9 Using @ionic-native local-notifications to Sound a Bell

Phone Camera and Vision Recognition
10 Using @ionic-native camera to Click Photos
11 Setting Up Google Vision API
12 Save to Firestore, Get Collections, and Documents

Inventory Helper
13 Preparing the Usability Structure
14 Adding the Barcode Scanner
15 Creating, Saving, and Listing the Inventories
16 Firebase Authentication and Firestore Query
17 Refactoring into Shareable Component Module
18 Push Notifications for New Reports

Vegan Store Locator
19 Adding Google Maps
20 Store Page
21 Login and Registration Page Creation and Adding Reviews
22 Chat Messaging Store Owner
23 Chat Notification and Search Places API