Learn image processing and GUIs while having fun in MATLAB

Learn image processing and GUIs while having fun in MATLAB

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Improve your digital image processing and image processing programming skills in MATLAB. And have fun in the process!

Images are the most important ways of getting information across, ranging from art to marketing to politics. And nowadays, nearly all images are digital. Therefore, it’s important to know about image processing and digital image processing.

What will you get from this course?

You will learn fundamental skills in image processing and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in a way that is fun and engaging. Being bored while learning is a waste of everyone’s time and energy, plus you really only learn when you are enjoying the learning experience. You don’t need any background in image processing before taking this course.

Improving your MATLAB programming skills. This is not only about image processing related code; you’ll also increase your MATLAB coding and programming skills concerning numerical processing, control statements, working with data, and more.

What you’ll learn

  • How to think about and work with digital images!
  • Your MATLAB programming skills will be much better at the end of this course.
  • You’ll learn from one of Udemy’s top MATLAB instructors with nearly two decades of teaching experience.
  • You will understand image processing functions including smoothing, filtering, blending, and embossing.
  • Make movies and animations!
  • Create graphical user interfaces (GUI) from scratch, with and without the MATLAB GUIDE tool.
  • Advanced programming techniques including handles and vectorization.
Table of Contents

Basic MATLAB imageprocessing programming
1 How best to learn from this course
2 Introduction to get set and graphics handles
3 Introduction to GUIDE

Do math with a drunk calculator
4 MATLAB code file from this section
5 The calculator figure
6 Create and place the number buttons
7 Create and place the math buttons
8 Define the button functions
9 Error handling
10 Give the calculator some alcohol

Annoy your parents by blurring family photos
11 MATLAB code file from this section
12 Importing and displaying pictures
13 Gaussian blur via 2D convolution
14 Mean
15 Be nice and sharpen the images
16 Median filter for cleaning speckle noise
17 Saving pictures as image files

Impress your boss with embossing filters
18 MATLAB code file from this section
19 What are embossing filters
20 Create the embossing GUI layout
21 Implement the embossing filter
22 Import and export pictures

The Stoic Bird game
23 MATLAB code files from this section
24 Implement physics of projectile motion
25 Create the bird
26 Make the bird
27 Put the code into the GUI
28 Implement the trajectory interface

Play pong against an angry AI
29 MATLAB code files from this section
30 Introduction What is pong
31 Create the figure and the pong court
32 Create the ball and the paddles
33 Move the ball and check for goals
34 Move the humans paddle
35 Move the AIs paddle
36 Quit the game on keypress q
37 Give the AI an attitude

How to get a car into outer space
38 MATLAB code files from this section
39 No rocket No problem Blend the car into space
40 Not a magician Sliderbars can fix that
41 Let the car randomly export space
42 How many galaxies are in the picture segmentation

Ruin your pictures with histogram equalization
43 MATLAB code files from this section
44 What is histogram equalization
45 Histogram equalization in code
46 Create the histogram GUI
47 Finalize the GUI functionality

Create 3D magiceye autostereogram pictures
48 MATLAB code files from this section
49 How to look at stereoscopic images
50 Image depth via 3D rotation
51 Layer depth via horizontal spacing
52 Hiding the surface in a background

Structure from motion
53 MATLAB code files from this section
54 D example with a triangle
55 D example with a noisy sphere
56 D example with a cylinder
57 Dot kinetogram

Lowrank approximations of famous people
58 MATLAB code files from this section
59 The SVD math background
60 Approximation of Albert Einstein
61 SVD challenge Barack Obama vs Donald Trump

Bonus section
62 Bonus lecture