Hello Design World: A visual web design guidebook for developers

Hello Design World: A visual web design guidebook for developers

English | 2017 | 157 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

You open Photoshop and stare at the blank screen. You click around, making rectangles but it doesn’t look right, and it doesn’t feel right. This isn’t the first time. You’ve tried teaching yourself design and started small practice projects. But you always second guess your work because you don’t have the proper background. So even when you do make progress, you question whether it looks good.
You’ve learned the basic lessons that everyone advises. Hot and cold colors, mixing font families and types, everything. But there seems to be a massive leap from there to producing original and great looking designs. You can play around with Photoshop or HTML but don’t really know why you’re doing what you’re doing.
You feel stuck, asking yourself:

– Should I draw everything out with pencil and paper or start with Photoshop?
– Should I picture a design in my mind first, then move to Photoshop?
– Or should I open Photoshop and play around until something nice comes out?
– It all leaves you wasting endless afternoons spent cursing your own design work.

It Should Be So Much Easier

When you’re a designer that wants to learn programming there are so many choices of how to start. There are websites and courses that teach programming for complete beginners and intermediates. But what about if you’re doing it the other way around, a programmer that wants to learn design?
All the available resources just teach you design theory. They talk about typography, colors and style in an abstract academic way. Not what you need. You just want practical advice that will get you started.
Have you ever visited Dribbble for design inspiration? Then left, frustrated, overwhelmed and even intimidated by their talent and creativity? How do you move from being a great developer without any formal design knowledge, to where they are? Confident designers, confident in their ability. Able to start a project and know how to make tweaks when things look “off” so that the design matches the idea in their head.
You’ve tried to teach yourself design. Some resources have been helpful. But you still struggle to turn what you learned into actual design projects. Either the material is too abstract, or it doesn’t talk enough about web design specifically. You’ve been recommended so many different books it makes your head spin. What you need is everything in one place.
When you start learning a new programming language you write ‘hello world’. What you need is a resource that teaches design in the same way. Something that shows you what language to use, how to start and what to do when you get stuck.

Exactly what you’ll get

In Hello Design World you’ll learn:

– How to pick colors for your site
– The five types of design styles that you can use on any project
– How to use a creative brief in your design so you can hit the ground running
– How to use the inspiration process to jump start your design
– How to use a concept to make your design cohesive
– How to brand your site (and how to know if it even needs branding)
– The four basic types of alignment you should be using
– What makes a good composition (with examples)
– How to use fonts on the web
– What good typography looks like
– Why hierarchy is important
– The Design by Numbers framework

And you’ll learn it all quickly. Because it only includes things relevant to visual web design. It’s specific and practical. If you’ve been looking for a better way to learn web design, this is it. It’s everything you need and nothing more. With this book you’ll know how to make your designs look good and why they look good. Most importantly it will give you the confidence to create amazing looking designs and overcome any of common roadblocks that all designers hit.