Handbook of Research on Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management

Handbook of Research on Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1839107528 | 416 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

This cutting-edge Handbook offers a comprehensive introduction to the emerging research field of artificial intelligence (AI) in human resource management (HRM). Broadly mapping AI fields relevant for HR, it not only considers the more well-known areas of machine learning and natural language processing, but also lesser-known fields such as affective computing and robotic process automation.

Expert contributors analyze the applications of machine learning in human resources, including machine learning on text data, audio and video data, social media data, and in recruiting and staffing. They also explore a range of innovative topics such as knowledge representation and reasoning, and evolutionary computing. Discussing the explainability, fairness, accountability, and legitimacy of AI in HR, chapters bring normative issues to the fore. Approaches to researching AI in HR and to employing AI in HR research are also tackled. Offering an insight into existing research on artificial intelligence in human resources, the Handbook introduces core issues and considers implications for future research.

This Handbook will be critical reading for scholars and students of human resource management, knowledge management, organizational innovation, computer science, and information systems. It will also be beneficial for practitioners in these fields.