Godot 4 Multiplayer: Make Your Own Co-op Game

Godot 4 Multiplayer: Make Your Own Co-op Game

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Start creating multiplayer games in Godot 4 with GDScript and NEW W4 Cloud!

Want to create your own multiplayer masterpiece, where players unite, solve puzzles and embark on adventures together?

We’re here to guide you from solo to multiplayer game development using Godot 4. Get ready to make an online game that players won’t want to leave.

Imagine crafting puzzles where players truly need each other. Pressure plates, movable objects, locked doors—you name it, you’ll create it.

The course tackles the techy stuff, like connecting players over the internet, head-on. While we perfect this feature, get excited for the endless possibilities it’ll bring to your game world.

You’ll build an engaging multiplayer game with Godot’s latest multiplayer framework. From syncing game mechanics to global player collaboration, you’ll master it all.

Once you’ve created your game, you’ll have a bunch of options for taking it online: Port Forwarding, Relay-Servers, or Dedicated Hosting.

We’ll also be diving into using the newly launched W4 Games lobbies to get you connected with others around the globe.

Multiplayer game development sounds daunting, right? Data syncing, server-client authority, and the hassle of hosting. We’ll break these down into manageable lessons, turning challenges into your new strengths.

This course is for those who’ve dabbled in single-player games and are itching to explore the online multiplayer universe. It’s a step up, a way to connect and share your creations with the world.

All you need to start is a basic grasp of Godot and GDScript, plus some experience in single-player game making. We’re building on your knowledge to open new doors in game development.

What you’ll learn

  • Make an online multiplayer game using Godot’s 4.x multiplayer framework.
  • Create many common co-op puzzle platformer mechanics, such as pressure plates, movable objects, locked doors and more.
  • Learn how to sync all these mechanics across the internet so that players can interact with each other and work together to complete puzzles.
  • Use W4 Games lobbies to connect to other players safely over the internet – coming soon!
Table of Contents

Introduction Setup
1 Welcome To The Course
2 Networking Basics
3 Community Support
4 Accessing Our Projects

Player Character
5 Section Intro Player Character
6 Importing Assets
7 Tile Sets
8 Animation Setup
9 Movement Input
10 Movement Animations
11 Double Jumping
12 Camera Following
13 Parallax Background
14 Player Refactoring

Multiplayer Connection
15 Section Intro Multiplayer Connection
16 Main Menu
17 Hosting A Game
18 Remote Procedure Calls
19 Joining A Game
20 Starting The Game
21 Spawning Players
22 Player Authority

Platformer Puzzles
23 Section Intro Platformer Puzzles
24 Player State Machine
25 Pressure Plate
26 Opening A Door
27 Connecting Interactables
28 Treasure Chest
29 Player Interaction
30 Key Item
31 Exit Door
32 Level Design