Go for Python Developers

Go for Python Developers

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Go is steadily becoming one of the most popular programming languages, and more and more organizations are now using Go to write services. Many Python developers now find themselves having to transition to Go, and in this course, Miki Tebeka helps Python developers make the switch to get started writing Go programs. Miki covers the basics, from built-in types to function definitions, and gets into concurrency and project engineering as well. He also provides challenges and solutions for each chapter, so you can practice your skills as you learn. If you’re a Python developer looking for some hands-on experience as you transition to Go, join Miki in this course.

Table of Contents

1 Why Go
2 What you should know
3 Setting up

Getting Started
4 Sample program
5 Running and debugging
6 Compiling
7 Challenge Current time
8 Solution Current time

Built-In Types
9 Numbers
10 Strings
11 Slices
12 Maps
13 Challenge Character frequency
14 Solution Character frequency

15 Function definition
16 Multiple return values
17 Error handling
18 Pointers
19 Defer
20 Challenge File magic
21 Solution File magic

Structs, Methods, and Interfaces
22 Defining and creating structs
23 Methods
24 Embedding
25 Interfaces
26 Generics
27 Challenge VMs
28 Solution VMs

29 Goroutines
30 Channels
31 WaitGroup
32 Timeouts and cancellations
33 Challenge Parallel files
34 Solution Parallel files

Project Engineering
35 Testing
36 Dependency management
37 Project structure
38 Logging
39 Challenge Shutdown server
40 Solution Shutdown server

41 Next steps