GitHub Quick Tips

GitHub Quick Tips
GitHub Quick Tips
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GitHub is the heart of many development workflows. These 30 tips and tricks help you exercise the full power of this versatile software development platform. LinkedIn staff instructor Ray Villalobos shows how to customize GitHub by building out your project homepages, turning repositories into reusable templates, adding collaborators, and enhancing security with secret keys and branch protection. Then discover how to be more efficient in the interface, from searching to creating permalinks for frequently accessed files. Next, dive into power tips for repos, including deleting and restoring branches. Finally, Ray reviews the specialized tools such as wikis, metrics, the GitHub CLI, and custom code snippets called gists. Each tip makes you a more efficient developer and GitHub contributor.

Topics include:

  • Adding project descriptions, URLs, and tags
  • Adding secret keys to settings
  • Maximizing contribution credits
  • Comparing branches
  • Pinning repos
  • Creating permalinks
  • Getting all repo branches
  • Using repo shields
  • Using GitHub Pages
  • Creating a project Kanban
  • Using the GitHub CLI
  • Creating repo shortcuts
Table of Contents

1 GitHub tips and tricks
2 Optimize your profile
3 Add descriptions URLS and tags
4 Turn a repository into a template
5 Add Collaborators to a repository
6 Use a secret key on your projects
7 Protect your repo branches
8 Get maximum contribution credits
9 GitHub search tips
10 Multi-line highlights
11 Access the hidden help shortcuts
12 Compare two branches
13 Pin GitHub repositories
14 Evergreen permalinks
15 Create empty folders
16 Organize utility templates
17 Get all repo branches
18 Use shields for repos
19 Add social media cards
20 Delete and restore branches
21 GitHub Flavored Markdown
22 GitHub Pages
23 Create a wiki
24 Contribute to an open-source project
25 Create a project kanban for your repo
26 GitHub open-source metrics
27 What can I do with the GitHub CLI
28 Start a new project with npx and degit
29 Get the GitHub Student Developer Pack
30 Create repo shortcuts
31 Share code with gists