Git Github Gitkraken: Version Control without Command Line

Git Github Gitkraken: Version Control without Command Line

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Learn Version Control using one of the most intuitive graphical user interface for Git. Just Point and Click.

“Learn to do the proper version control using Gitkraken, and start making a difference in managing your project source code. ”

In this course, you will learn how to start using Git Version Control. Instead of using the command line approach, we will use the Graphical User Interface (GUI) from Gitkraken. At the end of the course you will be highly proficient and has an adequate hands-on experience to hit the ground running.

In this course, you will:

  • Download the software and course material for FREE.
  • Create a repository (storage room for all your backups).
  • Making backups and restore from backups(commit).
  • Collaborate in a team environment without the risk of overwriting others work.
  • Upload your backup to cloud through Github for FREE.

Who should take this course?
This course is designed for beginner, prior knowledge of version control is not required. I explained the term, glossary and concept with the assumption that you haven’t worked with any modern version control before.

How is this course delivered?
All the lessons will be done in an easy to follow format. Work alongside with the instructor is highly recommended as each topic will be covered step by step. Although you are not doing any command line, doesn’t mean that you are losing out on some of the features Git has to offer. In completion of this course you will be able to do most of what the Git user can do or even more.

Table of Contents

Get Started – Jump Right In
1 Introduction

Download and Install all Components
2 What is Version Control
3 Download path for all components and course materials.html
4 Open a Github Account
5 Download and Install Gitkraken
6 Review Material.html
7 Download Course Materials
8 Section Recap
Are You Ready.html

Gitkraken Basic
9 Start a Repository
10 Git Ignore
11 Stage and Commit Explained
12 Your First Commit
13 Restore Back to Older Version
14 Search Feature
15 Section Recap
Gitkraken Basic Quiz.html

16 Branching and Merging
17 Your First Branch and Merge
18 Rebase Explained
19 Rebase in Gitkraken
20 Handling Conflict
21 Stashes
22 Section Recap
Branches Quiz.html

Upload to Github
23 Connect to Github
24 Push Local Repo to Github
25 Pull Repo from Github
26 Section Recap
Upload to Github Quiz.html

Homework Solutions
27 Staging Commit – Main Course
28 Staging Commit – Dessert
29 Branching – Main Course
30 Branching – Dessert

31 Merging 2 Branches