Future Proofing Your Data Science Career

Future Proofing Your Data Science Career
Future Proofing Your Data Science Career
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Data science is growing—and changing. Some practitioners are apprehensive about what the future holds. Will businesses lose interest in big data? Are there enough of the jobs of tomorrow for the people employed today? What will we do with our training and expertise? The truth is the opportunities for data scientists are only increasing, providing new ways for you to contribute and to lead innovative transformations. This course provides a deeper understanding of the history of data science as well as specific, tactical tools that will enable you to identify where the next opportunities in this burgeoning field will be. Instructor Christopher Bishop, an expert in career transformation, gives you the practical advice and tools you need to help you find your next data science job—and the one after that.

Topics include:

  • Data throughout history
  • How data science drives business
  • Building your career toolkit
  • Identifying your VOICE
  • Understanding your unique skills
  • Developing your ANTENNA
  • Networking with your MESH
  • Keeping track of your connections
  • Preparing for future data-science careers
Table of Contents

1 Data science is disrupting every business
2 The new workplace

Socio-Historical Perspective
3 A brief history of machines helping humans
4 Data throughout history

The Data Science Workplace
5 Data science drives Wall Street and Main Street
6 Where is all the data coming from
7 Businesses of the future

Future Career Toolkit
8 Managing the emerging data science job market
9 Three tools to navigate your career(s)

Finding Your VOICE
10 What is your VOICE
11 The importance of brand
12 Your personal brand
13 Identify your interests
14 Identify your triggers
15 Building your VOICE table
16 That is what I can do that nobody else can do

Developing Your ANTENNA
17 ANTENNA overview
18 Where are the conversations happening
19 Building the new career grid
20 Start developing your ANTENNA
21 Keep a journal
22 How ANTENNA helped me

Connecting via Your MESH
23 It is not what you know but who you know
24 The office of the future
25 Cast a wide net
26 Following thought leaders and leading-edge groups
27 Start building your MESH on LinkedIn
28 Connect with people on LinkedIn
29 Connect with groups on LinkedIn
30 In-person interactions
31 Keeping track of your connections with a CRM
32 Connecting is an equal exchange
33 How to start building your MESH by cold-calling

34 Prepare for future data-science careers
35 Its not about the tools
36 Next steps