Full Time Go Dev

Full Time Go Dev

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Table of Contents

1 Discord + Github
2 Program intro and Golang Installation
3 Variables
4 Builtin and custom types
5 Enums
6 Control structures
7 Interfaces
8 Modules
9 Advanced type techniques
10 Advanced interfaces and typed functions
11 Generics
12 Pointers
13 Writing tests
14 Intro to goroutines and channels
15 Working with channels
16 Control flow and synchronization example
17 Mutexes and atomic values
18 Package context
19 Practical example
20 Hotel reservation backend – project setup
21 Adding the database layer
22 Creating and validating users
23 User CRUD API
24 Testing the user API handler
25 Setting up our db seed script
26 Hotel API
27 Listing rooms API and small DB refactor
28 JWT Authentication
29 Authenticating users
30 Creating tests for the authentication handler
31 Booking API
32 Validating bookings with mongodb filter query
33 Admin authorization
34 Canceling bookings
35 Creating test fixtures
36 Advanced testing of authorized handlers
37 Practical error handling
38 Architectural decisions and loose coupling the data layer.
39 Pagination and filtering resources
40 Configuration
41 Dockerfile + Debug lesson
42 Introduction and project overview
43 Coding the OBU data sender
44 Setting up the Kafka producer
45 Producing to Kafka with logging middleware
46 Implementing the distance calculator service
47 Coding the invoice aggregator
48 Aggregator HTTP transport client
49 Aggregator invoice API handler
50 Implementing GRPC and Protobuffers as our second transport layer
51 Aggregator GRPC client
52 Internal service communication
53 Building a custom HTTP gateway
54 Running and testing the gateway with all services
55 Metrics layer with Prometheus
56 Grafana introduction
57 Service configuration for your devops team
58 HTTP metrics
59 Custom error handling
60 Request tracing
61 Building services with go-kit – setup
62 Building services with go-kit
63 Finishing the aggregator service with go-kit
64 The interviewing process
65 Making an amazing GitHub profile
66 Crafting a killer resume
67 Tips and tricks during the interview
68 How to close the skill gap
69 Private and public key cryptography
70 Implementing blocks with protobuffers
71 UTXO transaction model
72 Coding the node with GRPC transport
73 Peer To Peer with GRPC
74 Peer discovery with custom gossip protocol
75 Blockchain data structure
76 Transaction mempool
77 Adding and validating blocks
78 Creating transactions
79 Transaction validation
80 UTXO storage
81 Implementing the Merkletree
82 Fixing tests and debug session
83 Finalizing creating valid blocks and transactions
84 Peek reader and protocol design