Fortran For Beginners

Fortran For Beginners

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The basics of programming in Fortran

Learn one of the oldest programming languages. Fortran is still in common use for high-performance scientific and engineering applications. If you’re new to programming, and especially if you’re in a math, science or engineering field, this is a great course to get started with.

We talk about getting your computer initially set up, programming fundamentals, including variables, looping and branching constructs, modules and derived types. We even go into some tips for growing and organizing your programs towards the end of the course.

What you’ll learn

  • The basics of programming in Fortran
Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Initial Setup and First Program On Windows
3 Initial Setup and First Program on Mac OSX
4 Initial Setup and First Program on Linux
5 Common Compiler Errors
6 Structure of a Fortran Program

The Basics
7 Variables
8 Expressions, Order of Operations and Type Conversions
9 Conditional Constructs
10 Looping Constructs
11 Scalars and Arrays

12 User Input
13 Modules
14 Derived Types
15 Writing to a File
16 Reading From a File
17 Todo App Walkthrough
18 Subroutines and Functions

A Touch of the More Advanced
19 Make Automating the Compiler
20 Compiler Options
21 Structuring Larger Programs
22 Style and Conventions