Flutter 3 – Firebase Multi-store App (Full – Deep)

Flutter 3 – Firebase Multi-store App (Full – Deep)

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Building E-Commerce Multi Shop App from scratch with Flutter 3 , Dart 2.17 , Firebase and Stripe payment Gateway

Nowadays we live the age of e-commerce applications we can sell and shop anywhere around the world

In parallel with going through new technologies everyday so that’s why this course was built.

Building this kind if applications is the most convenient way to grow up your programming skills and your way of thinking as well

Going through this course will take you to another level of skills and thinking

And also solving problems , so don’t miss a deal to dream your next design and lead it to professional zone

What you’ll learn

  • How to use flutter widgets and get the most benefits of each widget
  • How to create a new firebase project and install it to IOS and Android
  • How to allow Users to Authenticate with your application
  • How to allow suppliers to upload Products to their stores or to application in general
  • How to Stream Data again from firebase Cloud to your application and arrange them in pages and categories
  • How to allow Customers to Add Items to Cart and help them to place an Order
  • How to make your application intelligent and treat the input data we are getting from users
  • How to Integrate Stripe Payment Account and link it to your application to receive payments
  • How to add animations to your design
Table of Contents

1 intro
2 Previewing & Testing App v 10

layout V 10
3 Section Summary
4 Migration to Flutter 3
5 Set your Starting Project
6 Understanding counter example
7 Bottom Navigation Bar
8 Home Screen Design
9 Search Bar
10 category screen Stack Wdiget
11 Category Screen Side Naviagtor
12 Category Screen category view
13 Category Screen grid view
14 Subcategory Products Screen
15 Adding SliderBar
16 Refactoring Code
17 Adding Category Screens
18 Fonts & Appbar Widgets
19 Stores Screen
20 Cart Screen
21 Customer Profile Screen p1
22 Customer Profile Screen p2
23 Customer Profile Screen p3
24 Supplier Home Screen
25 Dashboard Screen
26 Welcome Screen p1
27 Welcome Screen p2
28 Welcome Screen p3 Animations
29 Navigations
30 Adding Dashboard Screens Problem
31 Dashboard Screens Solution
32 Adding Customer Screens Cart problem
33 Navigating to Cart Screen solution

Firebase Authentication Level 1
34 Section Summary
35 Authentication Form Design
36 Refactor Code
37 show hide password typing
38 Text Form Field Validation
39 RegExp
40 Saving Data into variables
41 SnackBar Class
42 Image Picker
43 Create Firebase Project
44 Install firebase for Android
45 Install Firebase for IOS
46 Login Anonymously
47 Logout
48 Signup
49 Uploading Customer Info
50 Adding Loading Indicator
51 Login
52 previewing Customer info in his profile
53 Supplier Authentication
54 Anonymous User Info problem
55 Anonymous User info Solution

Upload Product Cloud Firestore
56 Section Summary
57 Uploading Form Design
58 Text Form Validation
59 Saving Data into Variables
60 Pick Multiple Images
61 Edit Picked Images
62 Drop Down Button p1
63 Drop Down Button p2
64 Drop Down Button p3
65 Drop Down Button p4
66 Upload Product Images
67 Upload Product info problem
68 Upload Multiple Images Solution
69 Naming Product Document
70 Adding Loading Spinner

Streaming Data to Application
71 Section Summary
72 Uploading Real Products
73 Stream Products
74 Product Model
75 Adding Gallery Screens
76 Product Details Screen
77 Passing product info to Details Screen
78 Full Screen View p1
79 Full Screen View p2
80 Streaming Stores
81 Visit Store
82 Follow Unfollow Store
83 Current Suppliers Store
84 Adding Edit Store Button
85 Adding Contact Supplier Button
86 Anonymous Login problem
87 Anonymous Login solution

State Management Add To Cart Wishlist
88 Move Item from Cart to wishlist
89 Refactoring Code
90 Adding Badge to Cart Icon
91 Section Summary
92 Product Class
93 Provider Consumer
94 Cart Model
95 Increment Item Quantity
96 Limit of Quantity
97 Check if Existing in Cart
98 Remove Item & Clear Cart
99 Calculate Total Price
100 Add to Wishlist & Delete
101 Add or Remove Item Wishlist
102 Move Item from wishlist to Cart

Checkout & Upload Order
103 Section Summary
104 Place Order p1
105 Place Order p2
106 Payment Screen p1
107 Payment Screen p2
108 Confirm Order
109 Upload order info Boss Problem
110 Update Quantity for Products solution
111 Loading Dialog progress package
112 Check if item out of stock
113 Streaming customer Orders
114 Expansion Tile Customer Order Model

Dashboard Components
115 Section Summary
116 Streaming Supplier Orders
117 Supplier Order Model
118 Shipping Date Picker & Delivered
119 Adding Badge To Supplier Dashboard
120 Statics Screen UI
121 Streaming Store Statics
122 Count Up Animation
123 Balance Screen

Adding Discount to products
124 Section Summary
125 Adding Discount Field & Validation
126 Calculate Price After Discount
127 Passing Sale Price to CartFavourites

Search Engine end of v10
128 Section Summary
129 Streaming Products in Search Screen
130 Filtration Search Results
131 Product Search Model

Flutter 3
132 Migration to Flutter 3

Payment Online Flutter Stripe V11
133 Install Stripe to Application
134 Payment Sheet
135 Passing Total Payment value

Adding Review to Products
136 Rate & Comment
137 Uploading Review
138 Streaming Reviews into Product Details
139 Review Model unsolved challenge

Edit Store Supplier
140 Replace Store logo
141 Replace Cover Image & edit store info
142 Save Changes p1
143 Save Changes p2
144 Processing

Edit Products Supplier
145 Current Images & Categories
146 Edit Images & Categories
147 Current Item Data
148 Save Changes unsolved Challenge
149 Delete Product

How to Think Customer Multiple Address
150 Adding Multiple Addresses Challenge Solved
151 Add New Address p1 Form
152 Add New Address p2 Country Picker
153 Add New Address p3 Upload Data
154 Address Book p1 Streaming Data
155 Address Book p2 Set As Default
156 Pass Default Address to Place Order
157 Check If Address Book is empty
158 Pass Data to Payment Screen
159 Update Customer Profile
160 Processing & Delete Address

Authentication Level 2
161 Send Email Verification
162 Check Email Verification
163 ReSend Email Verification
164 Firebase Auth User Data
165 Refactor Authentication Methods
166 Forgot Password
167 Change Password p1 Old Password Validation
168 Change Password p2 Strong Password Validation
169 Change Password p3 Set New Password
170 Layout Changes UI & UX Promise
171 Google Sign in install & necessary implementation
172 Google Sign in Sign In & Upload Data
173 Google Sign in User Document Existing
174 Google Sign in Listen to Current User

On Boarding Screen end of v11
175 You Will Love This Section
176 Skip Button
177 Skip On Timer
178 Offerwatches subcollection
179 Offershoes main collection
180 Offersale discount
181 Random Offer
182 Navigator Switch
183 Positioned Widgets
184 Animated Container
185 Animated Opacity