Excel for Business Analysts

Excel for Business Analysts
Excel for Business Analysts
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Business analytics is one of today’s fastest growing careers, but it’s also an area where companies face a shortage of talent. In this course, Professor Michael McDonald walks you through everything you need to know to start implementing business analytics skills and concepts. Michael begins with the basics, explaining what you should know about business analytics, including definitions and uses. He demonstrates how to get started in business analytics, including accessing and integrating the correct data and constructing a data map. Michael shows how to use predictive tools in business analytics that can equip firms to make better decisions. Finally, Michael covers how business analytics can provide significant guidance for management in developing a strategy and understanding the market.

Table of Contents

1 Benefit from business analytics
2 What is business analytics
3 Business analytics and company financials
4 Basics of business analysis
5 Finding data for business analytics
6 Using business analytics for sales prospecting
7 Testing marketing content with business analytics
8 Data access and availability
9 Integrating data sets
10 Data and business analytics
11 Finding a data model
12 Mapping your data
13 Business analytics and performance
14 Using data in hiring plans
15 Understanding HR issues with data
16 Troubleshooting at the organization
17 Forecasting with business analytics data
18 Examining financial data
19 Waterfall charts in Excel
20 Competitor analysis and benchmarking
21 Growing revenue with business analytics
22 Business strategy and business analytics
23 Product pricing with business analytics
24 Price, volume, and sensitivity analysis
25 Controlling costs in business
26 Putting tools into action