Embedded C MASTERCLASS: Learn Embedded Systems Development

Embedded C MASTERCLASS: Learn Embedded Systems Development

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Develop Solutions for Modern Embedded Systems, Unlock the Power of Microcontrollers and Transform Your Career!

Introducing the Embedded C Mastery Course, the only course you need to learn how to build efficient and robust embedded systems using the C programming language. This course is perfect for beginners with no embedded systems experience or seasoned developers looking to expand their skills in the field.

Upon completing the course, you’ll have the proficiency to develop your own sophisticated embedded systems and harness the full potential of the C programming language. With continuous updates and new content based on student feedback, you can trust that you’re learning the latest techniques and best practices.

What you’ll learn

  • Familiarize Yourself with Embedded Systems and Their Applications
  • Understand the Architecture of Microcontrollers
  • Write, Compile, and Debug Embedded C Programs
  • Complete Embedded C Projects and Develop Your Portfolio
  • Craft Your Own Custom Libraries and APIs to Revolutionize Your Embedded C Applications
  • Understand and Address Common Embedded C Challenges
  • Develop Robust and Efficient Embedded C Code
  • Implement Multitasking Techniques with Task Scheduling and Prioritization
  • Propel Your Embedded C Skills into the IoT Era with Wireless Communication Protocols
  • And SO Much More!
Table of Contents

Introduction to Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems Fundamentals Introduction and Overview
C Programming Basics An Introduction to Embedded C
Embedded C Programming Fundamentals Syntax Data Types and Control Structures
Microcontroller Architecture Understanding Embedded Hardware Design
Developing Embedded C Applications Best Practices and Code Optimization
Interfacing with Peripherals Communicating with External Devices
Embedded C RealTime Operating Systems and Memory Management
Number Systems and Logic Gates Understanding Binary and Boolean Logic
Digital Logic Basic Building Blocks of Embedded Systems
Memory Management Data Storage in Embedded Systems
Buses and Communication Protocols Interconnecting Embedded Devices
Embedded System Project Phase 1
Embedded System Project Phase 2
Embedded System Project Phase 3
Embedded System Project Phase 4
Embedded System Project Phase 5
Embedded System Project Phase 6
Embedded System Project Phase 7
Embedded System Project Phase 8
Embedded System Project Phase 9
Embedded System Project Final Phase

Variables Data Storage and Retrieval

Input and Output Operations in C

Data Types in C Integer Floating Point and Character

C Operators
Operators in C Arithmetic Logical and Bitwise

Type conversion
Type Conversion in C Implicit and Explicit Conversions

C Booleans and comparison
Booleans and Comparison Operators Boolean Logic and Relational Operators

If else statement
IfElse Statement Conditional Execution of Code

Ternary Operator Simplifying Conditional Expressions

Switch statement
Switch Statement Multiway Branching Control Structure

While Loop
While Loop Iterative Execution of Code

For Loop
For Loop Controlled Iteration of Code

break and continue statement
Break and Continue Statement Altering Loop Execution

Functions in C Modularity and Reusability of Code

Variable Scope and storage class
Variable Scope and Storage Class Understanding Local Global Static Variable

Atm Prototype project
ATM Prototype A Practical Example of Embedded C Programming

C Standard Library function
C Standard Library Functions Essential Functions for Embedded Development

Arrays in C OneDimensional Arrays and Pointers

Multidimentional arrays
Multidimensional Arrays TwoDimensional Arrays and Beyond

Strings in C Manipulating Strings and Character Arrays

String function
String Functions in C Library Functions for String Manipulation

Pointers in C Understanding Memory Addresses and Pointers
Pointers and Arrays Pointer Arithmetic and Array Indexing
Pointers and Functions Passing Arguments by Reference

Struct in C Combining Data of Different Types

Enum in C Creating Enumeration Data Types

File handling
File Handling in C Reading and Writing Data to Files

Online banking system project
Online Banking System Project Phase 1
Online Banking System Project Phase 2
Online Banking System Project Phase 3
Online Banking System Project Final Phase

Online Billling system
Online Billing System Stage 1
Online Billing System Stage 2
Online Billing System Final Stage