DevOps with Laravel by Martin Joo

DevOps with Laravel by Martin Joo

English | 2023 | 447 Pages | PDF | 58 MB

With this guide, you can learn everything about deployments, Docker, Kubernetes, and how to use them with Laravel.

“DevOps with Laravel” is a 447-page guide that teaches you how to be better at infrastructure and architecture

  • Building CI/CD pipelines
  • nginx
  • cgi, FastCGI
  • FPM
  • Deploying Laravel projects without Docker or any orchestrator
  • Running queues and workers in production
  • Domains and HTTPS with nginx
  • Optimizing nginx, fpm, and workers
  • Backup and restore process with AWS S3
  • Dockerizing Laravel projects
  • Using docker-compose
  • Deploying Docker containers to production
  • GitFlow with Docker containers
  • Docker Swarm clusters in production
  • Monitoring and error tracking
  • Log management and dashboards with Grafana and fluentbit
  • Kubernetes and highly available clusters
  • Running a Laravel API, Vue SPA and workers in a k8s cluster
  • PaaS solutions
  • Serverless functions
  • AWS Lambdas, API gateway, S3
  • DigitalOcean App Platform
  • DigitalOcean Kubernetes clusters
  • Managed databases

All of the above by deploying a Laravel app with components such as an API, Vue frontend, MySQL database, Redis queue, multiple queues and worker processes, scheduler.

Fundamentals and Docker
You’ll learn how nginx, cgi, fpm works. How to deploy Laravel apps to a VPS using a CI/CD pipeline. How to dockerize Laravel apps.

Docker Swarm
Run your apps on 100-machine clusters by just learning a few new command with Swarm.

Run your apps on 100-machine clusters using k8s. You’ll learn the most important things in great detail.

PaaS and Functions
Use the serverless framework to deploy to AWS Lambda and PaaS solutions that don’t require servers at all.