Data Analytics Using R

Data Analytics Using R
Data Analytics Using R by Seema Acharya
English | 2018 | ISBN: 9352605248 | 579 Pages | PDF | 24 MB

This book is aimed at undergraduate students of computer science and engineering. The book will be useful companion for IT professionals to data analysts and decision makers responsible for driving strategic initiatives and management graduates and business analysts, engaged in self-study.
This book by Acharya unleashes the power of R as a statistical data analytics and visualization tool and introduces the learners to several data mining algorithms and chart forms/visualizations. It has good emphasis on ‘asking the right questions’.
Salient Features:
Exhaustive coverage includes installation of R and its package, getting accustomed to R interface and R commands, working with data from disparate data sources (csv, JSON, XML, RDBMS etc.), getting conversant with classification, clustering, association rule mining, regression, text mining etc.
12 Case studies namely Insurance Fraud Detection, Customer Insights Analysis, Sales Forecasting, Credit Card spending by Customer groups and helping retailers predict in-store customer traffic
Pedagogical features:
300 plus chapter-end and check your progress questions for self-assessment
200 multiple-choice questions
10 plus hands-on practical exercises
Exhaustive illustrations.