Cypress-Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Framework

Cypress-Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Framework
Cypress-Modern Automation Testing from Scratch + Framework
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Cypress- The most Buzzing word in Automation world which is expected to play a key role in future for its fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.

Because of its Architectural design, Cypress comes with out of box capabilities to bring Stable Automation results for all Modern Web Apps.

It also have the ability to perform Integration testing by mocking incoming network responses

For Test Debugging, Cypress takes Screenshot by default for every test step and generate execution Mp4 video after every test run ..

There are many more WOW Factors like above which you will come across in Training.

These top class videos are completely designed from scratch using many real time examples with in detail explanation on each and every concept of Cypress along with Framework design best Practices

And I Bet! On course Completion You can develop Cypress Automation framework on your own or crack any Cypress related interviews.

Below is the course Content we Cover:

  • Introduction to Cypress
  • Cypress Architecture
  • Cypress Installation & Project Setup
  • Cypress Test Runner features
  • Command line arguments for Cypress
  • Cypress Basic Commands for Automation
  • Cypress & Jquery combination
  • UI Automation (Checkboxes,Radio buttons, Editboxes,Dropdowns with Cypress)
  • Handling Popups,Alerts using Cypress
  • Handling Child windows and Frames with Cypress
  • Cypress Assertions in detail
  • Cypress Framework Best Practises
  • Cypress Fixtures and Custom commands
  • Page object Design pattern with Cypress tests
  • Test Parameterization and Data driven with Cypre
  • Configuration properties and environmental variables discussion
  • Cypress Dashboard features with video recording and Screenshots
  • Building npm scripts and Integrating Cypress framework into Jenkins
  • XHR Testing with Cypress
  • Mocking API calls with Cypress Route commands
  • Javascript Basics
Table of Contents

Introduction to Cypress
1 What is Cypress And why it is future of Automation
2 Understand Cypress Architecture and its benefits
3 Course syllabus walkthrough

Cypress Installation & project Setup
4 Install Node.js and Visual studio code
5 Generate Package.json and get Cypress Dependencies

Introduction to Cypress Test Runner and command line features
6 What is Cypress TestRunner
7 Build Cypress Basic test and run from test Runner
8 Running Cypress tests in supported browsers
9 Exploring the Cypress project Framework structure

Getting started with Cypress Test Automation
10 Cypress locator strategies and how to construct them
11 Cypress inbuilt plugin in testRunner to generate locators
12 Basic Assertion in writing the tests with Cypress
13 Handling Invisible elements with Cypress by understanding logs

Deep diving into Cypress Commands and its ASynchronous Nature
14 Understanding get and find commands with Cypress
15 Grabbing the text for validations using cypress text command
16 Cypress ASynchronous nature and its promise handling
17 Understanding the difference between Jquery methods and cypress commands
18 Handing Async promises with Cypress
19 Completing the Practise test with all necessary validations

Handling Web Controls UI using Cypress
20 How to verify and automate check boxes with Cypress
21 Handling static dropdowns using select command with Cypress
22 Handling Dynamic dropdowns with each command Iteration
23 Handling Visible and invisible elements using Assertions in Cypress

Advance Automation to handling Alerts,popups, Child Windows using Cypress-Jquery
24 How Cypress auto handles Alerts in web Apps
25 Handling Child tab with combination of Cypress & Jquery commands
26 Navigating browser controls using Cypress
27 Handling Web tables with Cypress using each command
28 Handling Mouse hover popus using Cypress

Understand limitations of Frames & Child windows in Cypress
29 Handling Child windows using Cypress
30 Limitations of Frames with Cypress

Cypress Framework Part 1- Understanding Fixtures and Custom commands
31 Agenda of framework topics and starting with test building
32 Understand how fixtures work in driving data
33 Validating attribute properties and their behavior with cypress assertions
34 Building customized Cypress commands for reusing the code

Cypress Framework Part 2- Page object Design & Test Parameterization
35 Parameterizing the test Data from Json files using each command
36 Test Debugging and Pause with Cypress
37 Implementing Page object Design pattern into Cypress
38 Modifying existing tests into Page object pattern as per Cypress standards

Cypress Framework Part 3- Configuration properties & Environmental variables
39 Implementing global configuration changes to Cypress framework
40 Completing End to end test execution of the Business flow
41 Implementing the Sum of products functionality with Cypress-Java script
42 Practice exercise continuation on product sum values with Javascript Methods
43 Importance of environmental variables in Cypress framework
44 Setting env variables through command line arguments

Cypress Framework Part 4- Dashboard feature with Video recording & Screenshots
45 Exploring Cypress Dashboard and its feature for framework development
46 Monitoring Test Execution Videos& Screenshots through Cypress dashboard
47 Generating Mocha Awesome reports for Cypress execution

Cypress Framework Part 5- Building npm Scripts and Integration to Jenkins
48 Understanding Scripting commands in Package.json file for CI Integration
49 Running Multiple specs file on fly from cypress Scripting commands
50 Introduction to Jenkins
51 Integrating Cypress framework into Jenkins CI tool

XHR testing with Cypress
52 Introduction to XHR testing and how it helps in writing edge test cases
53 Listening to GET network request call with route command
54 Manipulating POST network request call with route command
55 Mocking API calls with Cypress route command
56 Example Demonstrating on Mocking API with stub response using Cypress
57 Handling API call directly without involving browser with cypress

Cypress Job Tips
58 Thank you Note