Cybertax: Managing the Risks and Results

Cybertax: Managing the Risks and Results

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1032360683 | 118 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

Cybersecurity risk is a top-of-the-house issue for all organizations. Cybertax―Managing the Risks and Results is a must read for every current or aspiring executive seeking the best way to manage and mitigate cybersecurity risk. It examines cybersecurity as a tax on the organization and charts the best ways leadership can be cybertax efficient. Viewing cybersecurity through the cybertax lens provides an effective way for non–cybersecurity experts in leadership to manage and govern cybersecurity in their organizations

The book outlines questions and leadership techniques to gain the relevant information to manage cybersecurity threats and risk. The book enables executives to:

  • Understand cybersecurity risk from a business perspective
  • Understand cybersecurity risk as a tax (cybertax)
  • Understand the cybersecurity threat landscape
  • Drive business-driven questions and metrics for managing cybersecurity risk
  • Understand the Seven C’s for managing cybersecurity risk

Governing the cybersecurity function is as important as governing finance, sales, human resources, and other key leadership responsibilities Executive leadership needs to manage cybersecurity risk like they manage other critical risks, such as sales, finances, resources, and competition. This book puts managing cybersecurity risk on an even plane with these other significant risks that demand leaderships’ attention. The authors strive to demystify cybersecurity to bridge the chasm from the top-of-the-house to the cybersecurity function. This book delivers actionable advice and metrics to measure and evaluate cybersecurity effectiveness across your organization.