CSS Shorts Weekly

CSS Shorts Weekly
CSS Shorts Weekly
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CSS Shorts is a weekly series covering all aspects of CSS, including properties, preprocessors, positioning, floats, and the most up-to-date styling techniques. Instructor Chris Converse returns every Tuesday, bringing you short and timely tips that will help new and experienced web developers alike create more beautiful websites and more efficient code. Tune in and learn how to take more control over the style, layout, and even the user experience of your web designs.

Note: There will be free exercise files for most episodes, which will allow you to follow along with author Chris Converse, as you explore all the possibilities CSS has to offer.

Table of Contents

New This Week
1 Circular text wrap with CSS

2 Welcome

CSS Shorts
3 Give me some background
4 Whats your position
5 Let me float this by you
6 A button for your link
7 Visiting the visited link
8 You can quote me
9 A glowing property
10 Dress up that link
11 First things first and last things last
12 Setting colors with Less and Sass
13 Calc it, fix it, and forget it
14 Hover in a hover
15 Get your links in a row
16 Give me a few tips
17 Setting a stylish table
18 Color functions in Sass and LESS
19 Expand your mobile menu
20 Vertical and center
21 Column divider lines
22 Creating a grid
23 Drop the cap
24 Get nestled with SASS
25 Get nestled with LESS
26 Flex your columns
27 Lets focus on the focus
28 Center A positioned element
29 Put your best footer forward
30 Mixin it up with SASS
31 Mixin it up with LESS
32 Checkboxes to switches
33 Blurring images
34 Overlapping heading rule
35 Indicating offsite links
36 Creating a pie chart
37 Numbering items
38 Animating backgrounds
39 Angled headers
40 Text indents
41 Flex a column with a pseudoelement
42 Display images as grayscale
43 Customized radio buttons
44 Outline your text
45 Create polka dots
46 Gradient horizontal rule
47 Embed SVG art in CSS
48 Style big list numbers
49 Detect screen resolution
50 Continue a numbered list
51 Add a QR code for print
52 Interactive tab panels
53 Create a grid of images
54 Sticky footers
55 Selection colors
56 Add images with pseudoelements
57 A transition for your mobile menu
58 Animate a sprite sheet
59 Style telephone links

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