C# Code Challenges

C# Code Challenges

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In C# Code Challenges, Harrison Ferrone introduces a series of bite-sized modular problems and step-by-step solution walkthroughs that will help you navigate your own projects. Harrison starts simple with string and data set modifications, moves on to intermediate topics like algorithms and data persistence, and finish with advanced C# language features. Using this course, you can build real problem-solving skills with fun and actionable examples.

Table of Contents

1 C# code challenges
2 What you should know

3 Voting for president
4 Email validation
5 Decomposing URLs
6 Calculating season stats
7 Counting vowels
8 Movie night
9 Words of affirmation
10 Fibonacci sequence
11 Party RSVPs
12 Tip calculator
13 Shop inventory
14 Family game night
15 Sending newsletters
16 Shuffling cards
17 Car dealership