C++ Lambda Story: Everything you need to know about Lambda Expressions in Modern C++!

C++ Lambda Story: Everything you need to know about Lambda Expressions in Modern C++!

English | 2021 | ISBN: 979-8590126835 | 163 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 10 MB

This book shows the story of lambda expressions in C++. You’ll learn how to use this powerful feature in a step-by-step manner, slowly digesting the new capabilities and enhancements that come with each revision of the C++ Standard.

This is a Black and White version. The full-colour print is also available – look for “C++ Lambda Story (Full Color)”.

We’ll start with C++98/03, and then we’ll move on to the latest C++ Standards.

  • C++98/03 – how to code without lambda support. What was the motivation for the new modern C++ feature?
  • C++11 – early days. You’ll learn about all the elements of a lambda expression and even some tricks. This is the longest chapter as we need to cover a lot.
  • C++14 – updates. Once lambdas were adopted, we saw some options to improve them.
  • C++17 – more improvements, especially by handling this pointer and allowing constexpr.
  • C++20 – in this section we’ll have a look at the latest and very fresh C++20 Standard.

Additionally, throughout the chapters, you’ll learn about the following techniques:

  • Immediately Invoked Functional Expressions (IIFE)
  • How to instrument a default functor to gather extra information
  • Replacing std::bind1st, std::bind2nd and removed functional stuff
  • The Overloaded Pattern and how to inherit from a lambda
  • Passing C++ captureless lambda as a function pointer to C API
  • LIFTING with lambdas
  • Storing lambdas in a container
  • Variadic templates and arguments packs
  • Lambdas and asynchronous execution
  • and many more

All equipped with more than 85 runnable code samples!