The Complete Lua Programming Course: From Zero to Expert!

The Complete Lua Programming Course: From Zero to Expert!

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The modern Lua course for everyone! Master Lua with projects, challenges and theory. Many courses in one!

You’ve just stumbled upon the most complete, in-depth Lua programming course online.

Whether you want to:

– build the skills you need to get your first Lua programming job

– move to a more senior software developer position

– become a computer scientist mastering in computation

– or just learn Lua to be able to create your own Lua apps quickly

This complete Lua Masterclass is the course you need to do all of this, and more.

This course is designed to give you the Lua skills you need to become a Lua developer. By the end of the course, you will understand Lua extremely well and be able to build your own Lua apps and be productive as a computer scientist and software developer.

What makes this course a bestseller?

Like you, thousands of others were frustrated and fed up with fragmented Youtube tutorials or incomplete or outdated courses which assume you already know a bunch of stuff, as well as thick, college-like textbooks able to send even the most caffeine-fuelled coder to sleep.

Like you, they were tired of low-quality lessons, poorly explained topics, and confusing info presented in the wrong way. That’s why so many find success in this complete Lua developer course. It’s designed with simplicity and seamless progression in mind through its content.

This course assumes no previous coding experience and takes you from absolute beginner core concepts. You will learn the core Lua skills and master functional programming. It’s a one-stop shop to learn Lua. If you want to go beyond the core content you can do so at any time.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn

(It’s okay if you don’t understand all this yet, you will in the course)

  • All the essential Lua keywords, facts, relations, arguments and expressions needed to fully understand exactly
    what you’re coding and why – making programming easy to grasp and less frustrating.
  • You will learn the answers to questions like What is a Lua database, What are rules and models and to apply them to your Lua apps.
  • Functions and Main Structure of Pattern Matching Systems along with dealing with uncertainty and knowledge representation.
  • Complete chapters on Functional programming and many aspects of the Lua Recursive mechanism (the protocols and tools for building applications) so you can code for all platforms and derestrict your program’s user base.
  • How to develop powerful Lua applications using Advanced Tree Representations and Module-Directed Programming.
Table of Contents

Course Introduction
1 Introduction to Lua
2 Installing Lua on Windows
3 Installing Lua on Linux
4 Installing Lua on MacOS
5 Interlude Factorial Computation

Basic Fundamentals
6 Lexical Conventions
7 Types and Values
8 Booleans and Logical Operators
9 Input and Output

10 Introduction to Tables
11 Table Indices
12 Table Constructors
13 Sequences

14 Introduction to Functions
15 Functions with Multiple Results
16 Variadic Functions

Solved Problems Functions
17 Problem 1 Square Roots and Squares
18 Problem 2 Special Prime Number
19 Problem 3 Stamps
20 Problem 4 Related Sum
21 Problem 5 Polynomial Evaluation

Conditional Structures
22 Conditionals
23 Nested Conditionals

24 Numerical For
25 Generic For and Iterators
26 While Loop
27 Repeat Statement

Solved Problems Loops
28 Problem 1 Multiplication Table
29 Problem 2 Sum of Squares
30 Problem 3 Number of Digits
31 Problem 4 Reversed Number
32 Problem 5 Cool Numbers

Basic Data Structures
33 Introduction to Data Structures
34 Arrays
35 Matrices

36 Introduction to Stacks
37 Implementation of Stacks

Solved Problems Stacks
38 Introduction to the Section
39 Problem 1 Palindromic Sequence
40 Important Considerations
41 Problem 2 Parenthesization Evaluation
42 Problem 3 Smaller on the Left

43 Introduction to Queues
44 Implementation of Queues

Solved Problems Queues
45 Problem 1 Binary Numbers
46 Problem 2 Hot Potato Game
47 Problem 3 Number Matcher

Dictionaries Maps
48 Introduction to Dictionaries
49 Implementation of Dictionaries

Solved Problems Dictionaries Maps
50 Problem 1 Casino
51 Problem 2 Bag of Words
52 Problem 3 Codes

53 Introduction to Sets
54 Implementation of Sets

Solved Problems Sets
55 Problem 1 Unique Elements
56 Problem 2 Common Elements
57 Problem 3 Marine Species

Binary Trees
58 Introduction to Binary Trees
59 Implementation of Binary Trees

Solved Problems Binary Trees
60 Problem 1 Size
61 Problem 2 Height
62 Problem 3 Equivalent Trees
63 Problem 4 Isomorphism
64 Problem 5 Preorder Traversal
65 Problem 6 Postorder Traversal
66 Problem 7 Inorder Traversal
67 Problem 8 Minimum Value
68 Problem 9 Root to Leaf Paths

69 Introduction to Graphs
70 Representation of a Graph
71 Implementation of Graphs

Graph Algorithms Depth First Search DFS
72 Introduction to Depth First Search

Solved Problems Depth First Search Graphs
73 Problem 1 Treasures in a Map
74 Problem 2 Number of Rewards
75 Problem 3 Forest
76 Problem 4 Two Colors