Complete Linux Shell Training for Beginners

Complete Linux Shell Training for Beginners

English | MP4 | AVC 1920×1080 | AAC 44KHz 2ch | 4 Hours | 2.3 GB

Learn Linux Shell Programming with Bash, GREP and SED for Beginners

This course is teaches the fundamentals of linux shell using the terminal, some insight on bash shell and we will investigate various aspects of the shell, for example scripting, using utilities like grep and sed, C and Perl programming in linux, controll flow as well as the file structure. You will also find out how to navigate the directory structure, reveal the contents of directories, the best way to understand and work with file permissions, how to replicate, move, and remove directories and files. We’ll also cover regular expression syntax in the context of learning grep, then use what we have learned as we work.

The course is in six units, and contains over four hours of demos and discussion.

Some of the topics are as below:

  • Everything about directories
  • Understanding and working with file permissions
  • Copying, moving, and removing files.
  • Using redirection and piping.
  • Make executable scripts
  • Variables and how to use them
  • The if statement and demos
  • Handling command line arguments
  • Loops (while, until, and for)
  • The case statement
  • Understand Grep
  • Regular expression syntax
  • Various validations
  • What is sed
  • Various Sed Usage Examples
Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Shell
01 Introduction
02 Starting with Terminal
03 Basic Directories Commands
04 File Listing in Shell
05 File Permissions
06 Changing File Permissions

2. Directories, Wilcards and More
07 Making and Removing Directories
08 Usage of Wildcards
09 File Operations
10 Removing Non Empty Directories
11 Redirection and Piping

3. Exploring Shell Environment
12 Writing and Running a Hello World Script
13 Removing the Resolution
14 Running Scripts in the Current Open Shell
15 Intro to Variables
16 Saving Shell State in bashrc

4. Shell Commands
17 Exit Status of Shell Commands
18 Tests and the if Statement
19 Command Line Arguments
20 Guessing Game
21 Loops
22 The Case Statement

5. Regex with Grep and Sed
23 Intro to Regex
24 Learn Switches -i, -v, -c
25 More on Switches -l, -L, -n, -h
26 Other Command Line Switches
27 Piping Other Commands To Grep
28 Meta Characters In Regular Expressions
29 Example Of Validating E-mail Addresses
30 Example Of Validating US Phone Numbers

6. Intro to Sed
31 Sed Introduction
32 Suppressing Output With -n, And Back Expressions
33 Address Notation
34 Printing Line Numbers With The = Command
35 Other Commands And Scripting Sed