Complete HTML5 and CSS3 Course +1 start to finish project

Complete HTML5 and CSS3 Course +1 start to finish project

English | 2015 | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 44KHz 2ch | 8.5 Hours | 1.58 GB

Every little thing in html5 and css3 is covered and +1 complete project will help you to create an amazing website.

During this amazing course, you’ll discover necessary elements behind becoming a web developer.

The objective of this great course is to take someone who is a “mouse and keyboard” user and teach them web development by teaching HTML5 and CSS3.

This is a fundamental course for learning HTML5 and CSS3 and it does not assume that participants have prior knowledge.

By the end of this great course, you will know the techniques for creating your first website. If you are unaware of the new the features and tags that HTML5 offers, then this course intended for you. This insightful and fast paced overview will help you quickly discover exactly what makes HTML5, the 5th revision of HTML, such an important standard to learn.

In the last section of this course we will create an amazing website from start to finish and that will help you to understand how to manage the code in a effective way and where we need to be careful to avoid errors.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Introduction
01 Introduction

Section 2 Html basics
02 Setting up notepad
03 Things keep in mind
04 Html page structure
05 Html attributes
06 Html paragraph and heading
07 Html comments
08 Formating text
09 How to add quotes in html page
10 Anchor tag part 1
11 Anchor tag part 2
12 How to add image in html page
13 How to map a image
14 Html table
15 How to span a table
16 Html lists
17 Block level elements
18 Inline elements
19 Html frames

Section 3 Html5 form
20 Basic form
21 Different from elements
22 Different input types
23 Form attributes part 1
24 Form attributes part 2

Section 4 Html5 media
25 Adding audio in html page
26 Adding video in html page
27 Adding plugins in html page
28 Adding video form youtube in html page

Section 5 Html5 graphics and semantics
29 How to draw graphics html page
30 Html5 semantics elements

Section 6 Css basics
31 Introduction to css
32 How to apply css
33 Css selector
34 Css syntax
35 Css comments
36 Adding backgrounds in html page
37 Styling text
38 Css font properties
39 How to handle multiple stylesheets
40 How to apply classes
41 Styling html anchor tag
42 Styling html lists
43 Adding border
44 Adding outline
45 Adding margin
46 Adding padding
47 Css dimension
48 Styling table
49 Styling div
50 Styling html5 semantics
51 How to apply id
52 How to float elements
53 Positioning elements
54 Absolute position
55 Relative position
56 Fixed position
57 Css clip
58 How to cursor symbols
59 How to handle overflow
60 Css display and visibility
61 Css combinators
62 Css opacity
63 Css pseudo elements
64 Css pseudo classes part 1
65 Css pseudo classes part 2
66 How to code a navigation bar
67 How to code a gallery
68 Code a complete layout

Section 7 Css3 advance stuff
69 Prefixes
70 Css3 Border radius
71 How to insert Border image
72 Adding multiple backgrounds
73 Css3 background properties
74 Css3 colors
75 Css3 gradient
76 Css3 shadows
77 Extra CSS3 properties to handle text
78 Css3 web fonts
79 Css3 transition
80 Css3 2d transform
81 Css3 3d transform
82 Css3 animations
83 Adding multiple columns
84 Handling user interface

Section 8 Coding website
85 Introduction to project
86 Code basic html structure
87 code body and main
88 Code header
89 Code slider
90 Code content area
91 Code footer
92 Create product page
93 Code gallery and footer
94 Final words and website