The Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced!

The Complete Android Developer Course: Beginner To Advanced!

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In this complete course students will learn how to build and develop Android Applications for smartphone and beyond

Here Is Everything You Will Learn In This Complete Course:

  • How to create android applications from scratch!
  • We will learn how we could use Java to make android applications.
  • We will learn what tools are required to develop android applications.
  • We will also learn about Android Studio, AVD to run apps on pc. Then we move on to learn how to make user interface for our application by using multiple widgets. Also we go through how we could add properties to widgets.

We then study the different types of layouts used to design the user interface for
our application. we go through the methods used for handling events such as a touch.
we also learn how to handle multiple events. Understanding fragments and their use is the
next which we study in this course, we also learn how to use create fragments to merge multiple activities on a single screen. We have an overview about gestures and the techniques to handle them

To go through the basic concepts we develop a basic workout android applications which suggests workouts depending on the option selected by the user, this gives you an idea about how android apps work.Moving along we learn how to add animations and transitions to our app, so as to make it more attractive to the end user. We then move on to intents and from there we go on to study about threads and their usage in developing android applications. Next part includes concepts such as intent,services and list views.we study about them in depth as well.

We then move to the most important part of saving the data in database using SQLite.
We will then learn and understand the basic database queries such as adding and deleting data from database. After we are done with database we then move on to multimedia in which we study how to apply filters and styles to our image.

Last but not the least we have a basic introduction to game development by studying the
game development platform Libgdx, here we study the basic structure of a game.
Also we learn how to animate characters while developing games for android. We also go through the sound effects while developing games using Libgdx.

Table of Contents

Introduction And Software Installation
1 Introduction Video – Welcome To The Complete Android Developer Course
2 Android Developer Course Benefits and How To Use This Course
3 An Introduction Basic Requirements For Creating Your Very Own Android Apps
4 Installing Java JDK
5 Installing Android Studio
6 Welcome To Our Android Course Please Introduce Yourself To Your Classmates I.html
7 Important Please Read This Before Moving Any Further In The Course.pdf
8 Notes Source Code For This Course How To Use it And Where To Find It.html

Android Basics
9 Creating Our Own Project
10 Running Our Own Hello World Application
11 Overview Of The Interface
12 Some Things To Learn About Android Studio
13 How To Create An Android Virtual Device
14 Android Application Overview.

Activities States
15 Understanding Activity States
16 Example For Changing States
17 Building The User Interface Part 1
18 Building The User Interface Part 2
19 Building User Interface Using Java

Widgets Pixels Layout
20 How To Add Properties To Widgets
21 How To Add Multiple Widgets
22 How To Convert DIP To Pixels
23 Understanding Layouts Grid Layout

Event Handling
24 How To Handle Events In Android
25 Learning How To Use Event Listener
26 How To Add Multiple Event Listeners

Gestures Fragments
27 What Are Gestures
28 Gesture App
29 What Are Fragments
30 Designing Top Fragment
31 How To Create A Fragment Class

Buttons And App Design
32 Creating Design For A Simple Application
33 Creating Workout Advisor App Part 1
34 Creating Workout Advisor App Part 2

Text Animations
35 Creating Workout Advisor App Part 3
36 Creating Workout Advisor App Part 4
37 Creating Workout Advisor App Part 5
38 Running our application on an actual device
39 Creating Overflow Menu
40 How To Add Animations Transitions To Your App

41 Understanding Intents
42 How To Send Intent Data
43 How To Send Broadcast Intents
44 How To Receive Broadcast Intents

45 What Are Threads.
46 Learning Thread Handelers

Services ListView
47 What is Intent Service
48 More About Services
49 What Are Bound Services
50 Example For Bound Services
51 What is A ListView
52 Example of ListView
53 Leanring About Custom ListView Row
54 Leanring About Custom ListView Adapter

All About Databases
55 What Are DatabasesSQLite Database..html
56 How To Save Data With SQLite
57 SQLite Database Product
58 How To Create New SQLite Database
59 How To Add Delete Rows In SQLite Database
60 How To Print Database ContentsResults
61 Running The SQLite Application
62 Source Code For Database Application.html

Working With Multimedia
63 How To Play Video
64 How To Capture Image
65 How To Take Photos With Camera
66 Adding Effects To Image
67 How To Invert An Image
68 How To Create Photo Filter
69 Adding Notifications To App
70 Adding Custom Notifications
71 Adding Styles
72 Debugging and running apps made easy How to run applications without emulator.

73 Learning What Are Shared Preferences
74 Example For Shared Preferences
75 Adding Custom Launcher Icon
76 How To Create APK File For Distribution

Game Development
77 Introduction To Game Development
78 Project Structure For Game Development
79 How To Display Text
80 How To Display Images
81 Learning About Animation
82 Working With User Input
83 Working With Camera
84 Working With Sound Effects Music

Our Final Project – A Complete Overview of Our Finished Android Application
85 Android Application Final Project
86 Android Application Final Project Part 2

Creating Stopwatch Application
87 Creating Stopwatch Application Part 1
88 Creating Stopwatch Application Part 2
89 Creating Stopwatch Application Part 3
90 Creating Stopwatch Application Part 4
91 Creating Stopwatch Application Part 5
92 Understanding Activity LifeCycle
93 Stopwatch App Source Code.html

Check Box Radio Button Button Icons
94 Using Check Box In Android
95 Using Radio Buttons In Android
96 Using Styled Buttons In Android
97 Using Button Icons Image Buttons In Android
98 Using Toast

Designing The Coffee Shop Application
99 Coffee Shop App Part 1
100 Coffee Shop App Part 2
101 Coffee Shop App Part 3
102 Coffee Shop App Part 4
103 Coffee Shop App Part 5
104 Coffee Shop App Part 6

Navigation Drawer Designing The Pizza App
105 Navigation DrawerDesigning Pizza App Part 1
106 Navigation DrawerDesigning Pizza App Part 2
107 Navigation DrawerDesigning Pizza App Part 3
108 Navigation DrawerDesigning Pizza App Part 4
109 Navigation DrawerDesigning Pizza App Part 5

Using Maps In Android Application
110 Using Maps In Android Application. Part 1
111 Using Maps In Android Application Part 2
112 Using Maps In Android Application Part 3

Using Action Bar In Android Application
113 Action Bar Part 1
114 Action Bar Part 2
115 Action Bar Part 3
116 Action Bar Part 4
117 Action Bar Part 5

Using CardView And ScrollView In Android Application
118 Using Cardview Part 1
119 Using Cardview Part 2
120 Using Scrollview
121 Using SensorAccelerometer In Android

Real Estate Android Application
122 Real Estate Android Application Part 1
123 Real Estate Android Application Part 2
124 Real Estate Android Application Part 3
125 Real Estate Android Application Part 4
126 Real Estate Android Application Part 5
127 Real Estate Android Application Part 6
128 Real Estate Android Application Part 7
129 Real Estate Android Application Part 8
130 Real Estate Android Application Part 9
131 Real Estate Android Application Part 10
132 Real Estate Android Application Part 11
133 Source Code For Real Estate Application.html

Resolving Issues
134 Resolving Issues Part 1
135 Resolving Issues Part 2
136 Resolving Issues Part 3

Building Android App From An Idea
137 How To Build App From An Idea.html

How To Publish Your App To The Appstore and Google Play Store
138 An Introduction Basic Understanding of the App Store and Google Play Store

Source Code
139 Source Code.html

Course Summary and Conclusion
140 Course Summary Course Conclusion – Its Now Time To Apply What Youve Learned
141 Course Conclusion and Summary Tips.html
142 Extra Android Developer Interview Packet.pdf
143 A Special Bonus Lecture Exclusively For The Students Enrolling In This Course