Building RESTful Web Services with DropWizard

Building RESTful Web Services with DropWizard

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Learn how to build RESTful APIs with Dropwizard, a lightweight framework for Java web developers. Instructor Emmanuel Henri takes you step by step through your first project with Dropwizard, including setting up your development environment and exploring the project structure of a Dropwizard application. Next, take a tour of the foundational classes, including the configuration, application, representation, and resource classes. Discover how to create and refine your data model and add the endpoints necessary to post, retrieve, and update data from your API. In the final chapters, Emmanuel covers testing, compiling, and publishing the API in your local environment. Everything you learn in this course can be easily transferred to your own RESTful Dropwizard APIs.

Topics include:

  • Dropwizard basics
  • Project setup
  • Foundational Dropwizard classes
  • Creating your data model
  • Adding endpoints
  • Testing your API
  • Compiling the JAR file
Table of Contents

1 RESTful web services with Dropwizard
2 What you should know

First Steps
3 Dropwizard introduction and REST APIs
4 IDE for Dropwizard
5 Initial setup with Maven
6 Dropwizard project structure

Foundational Classes
7 Overview of available classes
8 Setup with configuration class
9 Overview of application class
10 Syntax of the representation class
11 Syntax of the resource class

REST Data Model
12 Create your data model
13 Finalize your data model
14 Create the database class

REST Resources
15 Add POST endpoint
16 Add GET endpoint
17 Finalize endpoints code

Finalize and Testing
18 HealthCheck overview for testing
19 JAR compilation
20 Testing final application

21 Next steps