Brain and Behavior Computing

Brain and Behavior Computing

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-0367552978 | 400 Pages | PDF | 56 MB

Brain and Behavior Computing offers insights into the functions of the human brain. This book provides an emphasis on brain and behavior computing with different modalities available such as signal processing, image processing, data sciences, statistics further it includes fundamental, mathematical model, algorithms, case studies, and future research scopes. It further illustrates brain signal sources and how the brain signal can process, manipulate, and transform in different domains allowing researchers and professionals to extract information about the physiological condition of the brain.

  • Emphasizes real challenges in brain signal processing for a variety of applications for analysis, classification, and clustering.
  • Discusses data sciences and its applications in brain computing visualization. Covers all the most recent tools for analysing the brain and it’s working.
  • Describes brain modeling and all possible machine learning methods and their uses.
  • Augments the use of data mining and machine learning to brain computer interface (BCI) devices.
  • Includes case studies and actual simulation examples.

This book is aimed at researchers, professionals, and graduate students in image processing and computer vision, biomedical engineering, signal processing, and brain and behavior computing.