Solidity, Ethereum, and Blockchain: The Complete Developer’s Guide

Solidity, Ethereum, and Blockchain: The Complete Developer’s Guide

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Learn Solidity from scratch, from an industry expert. You’ll learn Solidity fundamentals all the way to advanced blockchain technologies so that you’ll be able to go from beginner to building your own web3 projects and getting hired as a Blockchain Developer.

We guarantee you that this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date course to learn Solidity, Ethereum, and Blockchain Development and help you gain the skills to get hired as a Blockchain Developer in 2022.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about advanced blockchain technologies, smart contracts, decentralized apps, be able to build and implement your own stablecoin, and much more.


  • Beginner-friendly introduction to the basics of blockchain and ethereum
  • Hands-on learning and demos of blockchain technologies
  • Design, test, and deploy secure Smart Contracts
  • Build cutting edge applications using the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Master the entire Solidity development ecosystem
  • Industry insights to help you understand complex blockchain concepts
  • Learn DeFi (decentralized finance) and build your own stablecoin
  • Learn from an actual industry expert that has worked in the crypto industry since 2018
  • Gain the skills to confidently apply for jobs such as a Solidity Developer and Blockchain Developer
  • Build projects that will impress employers in this rapidly growing field
Table of Contents

1 Solidity, Ethereum, and Blockchain: The Complete Developer’s Guide
2 Course Introduction
3 The Problem with Digital Money
4 Creating a Digital Currency
5 Finding Consensus: The Byzantine Generals
6 Shirley: The Woman with 16 Personalities
7 Mining
8 The Blockchain
9 A Birthday for Bitcoin
10 Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake
11 A Look at Decentralized Banks
12 Smart Contracts
13 Bitcoin Automation vs. Ethereum Automation
14 Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)
15 How to Interact with Smart Contracts
16 Smart Contract Visualization
17 Gas
18 Architecture of a Typical DApp
19 Swapping like a Unicorn
20 Inspecting the Blockchain
21 Do You Want to Become a Solidity Developer?
22 Hot Contracts
23 What is Solidity?
24 First Smart Contract in Solidity
25 Normal vs. View Functions
26 Public vs. Private Functions
27 Deployment with Remix
28 We Don’t Want This Transaction!
29 Exercise: Imposter Syndrome
30 That’s my Type!
31 Numbers Numbers Numbers!
32 Magic Storage
33 What is ERC and EIP?
34 What is the ERC-20 Standard?
35 Development Setup – Part 2
36 Creating a New Contract
37 Memory, Calldata or Storage
38 Message Variable
39 Unique Type: Address
40 Function Modifiers
41 Mappings are Kings
42 Default Values
43 Enabling Transfers
44 Enabling TransferFroms
45 Testing Code with Code
46 Testing our ERC-20
47 Something is Happening on the Blockchain
48 Something is Happening in Solidity
49 Something is Happening in our ERC-20
50 Deployment with Infura
51 Decentralized Stable Coins
52 Designing Our Own Stable Coin
53 The Smart Contract Heirs
54 Creating Our Tokens
55 Checked Arithmetics
56 Minting and Burning
57 Calling Other Contracts
58 Ask the Oracle
59 Implementing the Overcollateralization (Depositing)
60 Implementing the Overcollateralization (Withdrawing)
61 Structuring State Data
62 Getting Wiser with Libraries
63 Fixed Point Math
64 Customizing Your Errors
65 Testing Our Stable Coin
66 More Randomness on the Blockchain
67 Randomness on the Blockchain
68 Building the Casino
69 Stages with Enums
70 Fallback Functions
71 Winners with Arrays
72 Do You Know What You Don’t Know?
73 The Future of Blockchains
74 Thank You