Begin Python Programming in 7 Days

Begin Python Programming in 7 Days

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Become a Python programmer in one week. Learn to code in Python from scratch with this hands-on course

We get you started setting up your environment and the tools you need to start programming in Python. You will be learning about variables and operators and how to make use of them in Python programs. You will learn all about control flow statements and loops in Python and you will be using them in your programs to solve your coding problems.

Then you will learn to use Python’s advanced data structures such as lists and dictionaries. You will be able to organize in functions and save time coding by writing code that can be reused. Then, you will learn about Python modules and how to make use of them. On the last day, you will start interacting with files using Python code.
The course will give you a strong entry point into programming in general and programming in Python in particular.

In this course, we have taken a unique approach by making it super-friendly and accessible for a complete beginner by defining a daily curriculum with hands-on practice each day. Each day covers specific aspects of programming in Python for 30 minutes, followed by a practical exercise that you can perform as homework by implementing what you learned for approx. an hour. The next day begins with a brief recap of the exercise and then we move on to the next aspect of the course.

What You Will Learn

  • Get started with Python from scratch by setting up a code editor, and executing code from the command line
  • Python variables and operators and how to use them well to simulate a simple app such as a calculator
  • Execute program control flows and loops in Python to create your own simple mini-games
  • Implement the List and Dictionary data types to take text as input and produce a word count
  • Program efficiently in Python by organizing your code in functions to code a game such as rock, paper, and scissors
  • Work with Python Modules to create your first web-scraping app in Python
  • Handle files using your Python code to build your own Python-based text editor
Table of Contents

Getting Started with Programming in Python
1 The Course Overview
2 Installing Python and Code Editor
3 Getting Familiar with Command Line
4 Writing and Running Your First Python Program
5 Understanding Basic Syntax
6 Assignment Day 1

Using Python Variables and Operators
7 Understanding Python Variables
8 Using Variables in Code
9 Understanding Python Operators
10 Usage of Python Operators
11 Assignment Day 2

Programming Control Flow and Loops in Python
12 Introducing Control Statements
13 Usage of Control Statements
14 Understand Loops
15 Use Loops in Your Python Code
16 Assignment Day 3

Understanding List and Dictionary Data Types
17 Introducing Python Lists
18 List Operators, Functions, and Methods
19 Introducing the Dictionary Data Type
20 Dictionary Operators, Functions, and Methods
21 Assignment Day 4

Program Functions in Python
22 Introducing Functions
23 Usage of Functions in Your Code
24 Understanding Scope of Variables
25 Example Code for a Scope of Variable Demonstration
26 Assignment Day 5

Working with Python Modules and Packages
27 Python Modules
28 Using Third-Party Python Modules
29 Compiling Python Files
30 Using Python Packages
31 Assignment Day 6

Handle Files Programmatically in Python
32 Reading Text from a File
33 Writing Text to a File
34 Handling Exceptions
35 Assignment Day 7