Bayesian Optimization in Action

Bayesian Optimization in Action

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1633439078 | 415 Pages | PDF | 25 MB

Apply advanced techniques for optimizing machine learning processes. Bayesian optimization helps pinpoint the best configuration for your machine learning models with speed and accuracy.

In Bayesian Optimization in Action you will learn how to:

  • Train Gaussian processes on both sparse and large data sets
  • Combine Gaussian processes with deep neural networks to make them flexible and expressive
  • Find the most successful strategies for hyperparameter tuning
  • Navigate a search space and identify high-performing regions
  • Apply Bayesian optimization to practical use cases such as cost-constrained, multi-objective, and preference optimization
  • Use PyTorch, GPyTorch, and BoTorch to implement Bayesian optimization

Bayesian Optimization in Action shows you how to optimize hyperparameter tuning, A/B testing, and other aspects of the machine learning process by applying cutting-edge Bayesian techniques. Using clear language, illustrations, and concrete examples, this book proves that Bayesian optimization doesn’t have to be difficult! You’ll get in-depth insights into how Bayesian optimization works and learn how to implement it with cutting edge Python libraries. The book’s easy-to-reuse code samples let you hit the ground running by plugging them straight into your own projects.

Experimenting in science and engineering can be costly and time-consuming, especially without a reliable way to narrow down your choices. Bayesian optimization helps you identify optimal configurations to pursue in a search space. It uses a Gaussian process and machine learning techniques to model an objective function and quantify the uncertainty of predictions. Whether you’re tuning machine learning models, recommending products to customers, or engaging in research, Bayesian optimization can help you make better decisions, faster.

Bayesian Optimization in Action teaches you how to build Bayesian optimization systems from the ground up. This book transforms state-of-the-art research into usable techniques that you can easily put into practice, all fully illustrated with useful code samples. In it, you’ll hone your understanding of Bayesian optimization through engaging examples—from forecasting the weather, to finding the optimal amount of sugar for coffee, and even deciding if someone is psychic! Along the way, you’ll explore scenarios for when there are multiple objectives, when each decision has its own cost, and when feedback is in the form of pairwise comparisons. With this collection of techniques, you’ll be ready to find the optimal solution for everything from transport and logistics to cancer treatments.