AWS Amazon S3 – Ultimate Master Class

AWS Amazon S3 – Ultimate Master Class

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Master AWS Amazon S3 | Basic level to Advanced level | From Zero to Hero | Theory and hands-on demonstrations

Welcome! I’m here to help you to master AWS Amazon S3! We will start off slowly by exploring the basics and then we will move on up to more advanced topics.

This course is primarily intended for those in the IT industry who want to learn everything that is to learn about Amazon S3. However, it is also applicable to anyone who want to learn Amazon S3 from scratch and with no prior-knowledge.

Amazon S3 is one of the foundational building blocks of the AWS cloud. Making it one of the most in-demand and desirable services to learn.

I want to help YOU to become an Amazon S3 expert!

The AWS Amazon S3 – Ultimate Master Class has been structured in a simple and logical order. Everything that has been designed from the styling to the graphics and topics covered is crafted with the absolute duty of care towards the student.

  • It consists of both theory and practical hands-on demonstrations.
  • The course is structured in a logical and cohesive way – not just random lectures here there and everywhere.
  • It starts off very simple and then builds on gradually throughout the course.
  • We learn how to manage Amazon S3 via the AWS Management Console and the AWS CLI.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge into the services/options that are included within Amazon S3.
  • The course includes additional resources in the form of general files, pdf guides and source code.
  • Apply S3 with other services (IAM, SNS, CloudFront, CloudFront etc.)

A full breakdown of the topics that we will cover include:

  • Explore the practical fundamentals of Amazon S3
  • Utilizing the AWS Command Line Interface – (CLI)
  • Create and secure your AWS account
  • Explore various theoretical concepts of Amazon S3
  • Perform SQL queries on your stored data
  • Use IAM best practices when managing Amazon S3
  • Utilize lifecycle management to manage your storage classes
  • Use a CloudFormation template to create an S3 bucket and bucket policy
  • Create presigned urls and learn how to monitor your S3 buckets
  • Enable bucket versioning and manage encryption
  • Host a static website with a custom domain name
  • Setup a CloudFront distribution for a static website
  • Analyze your resource usage via metrics
  • Evaluate the best practices of Amazon S3
  • Make use of Bucket and IAM policies
  • How to apply your S3 knowledge to a given set of exercises
  • Replicate your data via CRR (Cross-Region-Replication) and SRR (Same-Region-Replication)
  • Manage auditing, compliance and logging on your S3 buckets
  • Prevent accidental deletions of object versions with MFA: Delete
  • (Bonus content) + Perform Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing (CORS) on an S3 bucket
  • Send notifications on S3 uploads with SNS (Simple Notification Service)
  • Data management with Glacier
  • AWS revision on key theoretical concepts
  • Secure data access with security policies
  • Secure data access with Access control lists (ACL’s)

The AWS Amazon S3 – Ultimate Master Class course is a highly practical course and allows you to apply your knowledge:

There is a wealth of hands-on lectures throughout this course.

Table of Contents

Course Introduction
Course welcome
Course prerequisites
Course overview
Thought process
QA forums
Course structure and style
AWS Service costs reference guide

Introducing AWS Key theoretical concepts Optional
AWS An introduction
AWS Regions
AWS Virtual Private Cloud VPC
AWS Availability Zones
AWS Subnets
AWS Edge Locations

AWS setup and configuration
Create an AWS account
Exploring the AWS Management Console
Create a designated budget

IAM Identity and Access Management
IAM Overview
Creating a user and a group Lab
Alternate IAM user signin Lab
Enabling MFA Lab
Managing password policies Lab
Generating access keys
Best practices summary

Amazon S3 Fundamental theory concepts
Amazon S3 Overview
The Shared Responsibility Model
Amazon S3 Storage Classes
Amazon S3 General pricing
Amazon S3 How to use it
AWS Snow Family Overview
Comparing the AWS Snow Family
What is Edge Computing

The Basics of Amazon S3
Section preparation
Upload files to an S3 bucket Lab
Basic management on S3 Lab
What is a bucket policy
Create a bucket policy Lab
Basic encryption with S3
Evaluating serverside encryption Lab
What are tags
Adding tags in S3 Lab
What is bucket versioning
Create a simple html file Windows Lab
Create a simple html file MacOS Lab
Enable bucket versioning Pt 1 Lab
Enable bucket versioning Pt 2 Lab
What is Object lock
Locking objects in a bucket Lab
S3 transfer acceleration Lab
The two types of metadata
Adding metadata to our objects Lab
Section cleanup
Course suggestion Optional

Utilizing the AWS Command Line Interface CLI
AWS Command Line Interface CLI Overview
AWS CLI installation and setup Windows
Python installation and setup Windows
AWS CLI Installation and setup MacOS
Python installation and setup MacOS
Section preparation
Windows and MacOS Important note
Create a bucket using the CLI Lab
Upload a file using the CLI Lab
Bulk file uploads to Amazon S3 Pt 1 Lab
Bulk file uploads to Amazon S3 Pt 2 Lab
Downloading files objects using the CLI Lab
Moving files from bucket to bucket Lab
Deleting buckets and files with the CLI Lab
Tag management with buckets Lab
Tag management with objects Lab
Synchronizing objects and buckets Lab
Applying filters to files Lab
Add Metadata to objects Lab
Amazon S3 Storage class Identifier guide
Setting object storage classes in the CLI Lab
Enable versioning and validate encryption Pt 1 Lab
Enable versioning and validate encryption Pt 2 Lab
Section cleanup
AWS CLI S3 Final summary notes Optional

Logging Compliance Replication and Management
Section preparation
Enable object upload notifications Lab
What is access logging
Enable server access logging Lab
Enable object level access logging Lab
Metrics and Inventory Lab
Sample view of metric data Optional
What are the types of S3 Replication
Replicating our objects across buckets Lab
Assigning Object Storage Classes Lab
What is lifecycle management
Exploring lifecycle management Lab
Obtaining objects from Amazon S3 Glacier Lab
Cost management with Cost Explorer Lab
Section cleanup

Access Control Lists Practical exercises IAM and Bucket policies
Data security with permissions
Section preparation
Enable public access with an ACL Pt 1 Lab
Enable public access with an ACL Pt 2 Lab
Real world exercise Overview
Exploring IAM Policies Deep dive
Quick shortcut Optional
Exercise 1 Set permissions with an IAM Policy Pt 1 Lab
Exercise 1 Set permissions with an IAM Policy Pt 2 Lab
Exercise 2 Allow access to a folder of objects Pt 1 Lab
Exercise 2 Allow access to a folder of objects Pt 2 Lab
Exercise 3 Deny access to objects Lab
Bucket policy review Optional
Bucket policies Grant access to objects Lab
Bucket policies Restrict access based on object tags Lab
Section cleanup

Host a Static Website and Setup a CloudFront distribution
Section preparation
AWS Route 53 An overview
Register a domain name with AWS Route 53 Lab
Utilize an S3 bucket to host a static website Lab
Add a domain name to your S3 hosted bucket Lab
Create an error page Lab
Implement redirection rules Lab
Amazon CloudFront An overview
Create a CloudFront web distribution Optional
Section cleanup

SQL queries Monitoring tools and Presigned URLs
Section preparation
Helpful tips for Amazon S3 Lab
Utilize SQL to query files with Amazon S3 Lab
Exploring the AWS Marketplace for S3 Lab
Data security analysis with Amazon Macie Lab
What is a presigned url
Share an object using a presigned url Lab
Analyzing a presigned url Lab

CloudFormation and MultiFactor Authentication MFA
Section preparation
AWS CloudFormation An overview
Interpreting a CloudFormation template Lab
Create an S3 bucket bucket policy with CloudFormation Lab
Test our bucket policy Lab
CloudFormation Additional analysis
Enable MFA Delete for objects Pt 1 Lab
Enable MFA Delete for objects Pt 2 Lab
Course cleanup Pt 1
Course cleanup Pt 2

Amazon S3 Best practices
Amazon S3 Best practices

Bonus content
Performing S3 Batch Operations Theory
What is CrossOrigin Resource Sharing CORS
Enabling CORS on an Amazon S3 bucket Pt 1 Lab
Enabling CORS on an Amazon S3 bucket Pt 2 Lab
Setup encryption on an S3 bucket with SSEKMS Article
Writing bucket policies Article
Expiry tag with Metadata Article

Thank you
Thank you A final message
Bonus lecture