AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework – Hands On Learning!

AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework – Hands On Learning!
AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework – Hands On Learning!
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Develop and Deploy AWS Lambda Functions with Serverless, Learn Lambda Real World Integrations with Amazon Web Services

AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework is the QUICKEST way to get started in the serverless world, to deploy AWS Lambda functions in Amazon Web Services that infinitely scale without managing any servers!

This course, unlike others, has an approach that teaches you how to properly deploy AWS Lambda functions from the very first lectures.

no manual work through the AWS UI

all your configuration and deployment is coded using YAML and the Serverless framework

no headaches packaging your functions as zip files

AWS Lambda is a fantastic tool to master when learned the right away.

save in cost – you only pay per usage

save in operational burden – no servers to manage!

scale automatically from 0 to millions of API calls.

For this course, we’ll deploy several real world functions to AWS Lambda:

An automated thumbnail generation service on S3 (Python)

A REST API using AWS API Gateway & Lambda (nodeJS)

An EC2 automation to start and stop instances on schedule (Python)

After finishing the course, you’ll be able to write any function you want.

Section Outline:

Section 1 – Course Introduction: Get an understand of the course objectives, how the course is structured, download the course code and get ready!

Section 2 – AWS Lambda & Serverless – Getting Started: Get started with AWS Lambda using AWS console, then install NodeJS and Serverless Framework to deploy your first function using the serverless CLI

Section 3 – AWS Lambda & Serverless – In Depth: Learn YAML, Serverless Framework configuration, and AWS Lambda settings in depth, including IAM, timeouts, memory and CPU, VPC deployment, and Lambda Pricing

Section 4 – Real World Example 1 – S3 Thumbnails: First practical example using Python, deploy a service to generate thumbnails for images that interacts with S3 and use a plugin to properly package your Python dependencies.

Section 5 – Real World Example 2 – REST API: Build a proof of concept REST API in no time using NodeJS. This is the base for you to start implementing a complicated API!

Section 6 – Real World Example 3 – AWS Automation – EC2 Start Stop: Deploy CRON jobs using Lambda and interact with various EC2 components. Practice your IAM skills!

Section 7 – Next Steps: Pointers to continue your learning adventures of the AWS Lambda and Serverless framework.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop and deploy AWS Lambda functions properly with the Serverless Framework
  • Learn the fundamentals and advanced options of AWS Lambda
  • Deploy three real world projects that interact with S3, API Gateway, DynamoDB, EC2 & CloudWatch
  • Learn YAML and manage your entire deployment using code
  • At the end, you’ll be ready to write any AWS Lambda functions you desire
Table of Contents

1 Course Structure Explanation ~~ PLEASE READ

Course Introduction
2 Course Introduction
3 Course Objectives Who is this Course For
4 About your Instructor
5 AWS Lambda Overview

Code Download
6 Code Download

AWS Lambda & Serverless – Getting Started
7 AWS Console Changes
8 AWS Lambda Console
9 Installing Serverless
10 Deploying our First Function
11 Running the function from the CLI
12 Updating the function from the CLI
13 Fetching the function logs from the CLI
14 Removing the function
15 Section Summary

AWS Lambda & Serverless – In Depth
16 Create AWS Lambda function using any runtime
17 YAML Crash Course
18 JSON to YAML Practice Exercise!
19 Functions timeout and memory
20 IAM Permissions for Lambda Functions
21 Environment Variables in AWS Lambda
22 VPC for Lambda Functions
23 AWS Lambda Pricing

Real World Example 1 – S3 Thumbnails
24 Overview of S3 Thumbnail Generator Service
25 Pre-requisite Docker installation
26 Implementation of Thumbnail Service – Part 1
27 Implementation of Thumbnail Service – Part 2
28 Thumbnail Service – Next Steps Ideas

Real World Example 2 – REST API
29 Overview of REST API Service
30 Building the REST API
31 Deploying the REST API
32 Testing the REST API
33 REST API – Next Steps Ideas

Real World Example 3 – AWS Automation – EC2 Start Stop
34 Overview of the Lambda Service
35 Deploying the ec2 start and stop lambda functions
36 Next steps Ideas

Course Content from AWS Certified Developer Course
37 Important Note about these lectures
38 Serverless Introduction
39 AWS Lambda Overview
40 AWS Lambda – First Hands On
41 Lambda Synchronous Invocations
42 Lambda Synchronous Invocations Hands On
43 Lambda & Application Load Balancer
44 Lambda & Application Load Balancer Hands On
45 AWS [email protected] Overview
46 Lambda Asynchronous Invocations & DLQ
47 Lambda Asynchronous Invocations Hands On
48 Lambda & CloudWatch Events EventBridge
49 Lambda & S3 Event Notifications
50 Lambda Event Source Mapping
51 Lambda Event Source Mapping Hands On (SQS)
52 Lambda Destinations
53 Lambda Destinations Hands On
54 Lambda Permissions – IAM Roles & Resource Policies
55 Lambda Environment Variables & Hands On
56 Lambda Monitoring & X-Ray Tracing
57 Lambda in VPC
58 Lambda Function Performance
59 Lambda Concurrency
60 Lambda Concurrency Hands On
61 Lambda External Dependencies
62 Lambda and CloudFormation
63 Lambda Layers
64 Lambda Versions and Aliases
65 Lambda and CodeDeploy
66 Lambda Limits
67 Lambda Best Practices
68 AWS API Gateway Overview
69 API Gateway Basics Hands On
70 API Gateway Stages and Deployment
71 API Gateway Stages and Deployment Hands On
72 API Gateway Stages Configurations Hands On
73 API Gateway Canary Deployments
74 API Gateway Canary Deployments Hands On
75 API Gateway Integration Types & Mappings
76 API Gateway Mapping Templates Hands On
77 API Gateway Swagger & Open API 3.0
78 API Gateway Caching
79 API Gateway Usage Plans & API Keys
80 API Gateway Monitoring, Logging and Tracing
81 API Gateway CORS & Hands On
82 API Gateway Authentication and Authorization
83 API Gateway REST API vs HTTP API vs WebSocket API
84 Cognito User Pools
85 Cognito User Pools Hands On
86 Cognito User Pools – Others
87 Cognito Identity Pools
88 Cognito Identity Pools Hands On
89 Cognito User Pools vs Cognito Identity Pools
90 Step Functions Overview
91 Step Functions Hands On

Next Steps
92 Next Steps
94 Bonus Lecture Coupons for my other courses!