Amazon Web Services: Implementing and Troubleshooting IaaS Products

Amazon Web Services: Implementing and Troubleshooting IaaS Products
Amazon Web Services: Implementing and Troubleshooting IaaS Products
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Move your infrastructure to the cloud. Learn the primary IaaS components of Amazon Web Services so that you can procure, configure, and deploy the right services for your organization. Instructor Brian Eiler explains the functions of each major product while diving into the aspects of implementation and troubleshooting. He covers Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), and storage, including S3 and Elastic Block Store (EBS). By the end of the course, you'll have a thorough understanding of AWS IaaS options and be prepared to answer questions from the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) exam.

Topics include:

  • AWS global infrastructure
  • VPC use cases
  • EC2 instance types
  • EC2 purchasing and troubleshooting
  • Creating AMIs
  • Using AWS storage solutions such as EBS, EFS, S3, and Glacier
  • Versioning and cross-region replication on S3
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you should know

Global Infrastructure
3 Global infrastructure overview
4 Availability zones
5 Regions
6 Considerations and best practices

7 What is a VPC
8 Create and set up IP addressing
9 CIDR blocks
10 IP subnets
11 Internet gateways
12 Network address translation (NAT)
13 VPC peering
14 AWS Direct Connect
15 VPN connectivity
16 IP route tables
17 VPC use cases
18 NACLs and security groups
19 Demo - Create a VPC

20 What is EC2
21 What is an EC2 instance type
22 Optimized, accelerated, and general purpose instance types
23 Elastic GPU and Bare Metal instance types
24 EC2 purchasing options
25 Purchasing options - Spot and dedicated
26 Instance size and implications
27 Placement groups
28 Launch templates, metadata, and key pairs
29 Troubleshooting tools
30 Troubleshooting demo - Route tables
31 Troubleshooting demo - Security groups
32 Troubleshooting demo - NACLs
33 Troubleshooting demo - IP addresses
34 Troubleshooting slow network performance

35 What is AMI
36 Create an AMI
37 Copy AMIs to other regions
38 Deploy an EC2 instance from an AMI
39 AMI security and updates

AWS Storage
40 What is storage
41 Types of storage
42 Elastic Block Store (EBS)
43 Types of EBS volumes
44 Demo - Create and manage EBS volumes
45 Instance store
46 Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)
47 Simple Storage Service (S3) and Glacier
48 Other storage and data services
49 Demo - Create an instance snapshot
50 Storage troubleshooting

51 What is S3
52 S3 features
53 S3 storage classes
54 Demo - Create an S3 bucket
55 Demo - Upload and download from S3
56 Amazon Glacier
57 Demo - Glacier and lifecycle rules
58 Versioning
59 Demo - Versioning
60 Lifecycle policies
61 Demo - Lifecycle policies
62 Cross-region replication
63 Demo - Cross-region replication

64 Next steps

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