AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Zero to Mastery

AWS Certified Solutions Architect: Zero to Mastery

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Learn AWS from an industry expert. This bootcamp will teach you AWS fundamentals all the way to mastering advanced cloud technologies so that you’ll be able to ace the AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SSA-C03) certification exam and get hired as a Cloud Architect in 2023!

We guarantee you that this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date course to prepare for the AWS Solutions Architect certification exam and become a Cloud Architect or Engineer. You’ll learn everything you need to ace the exam, get certified as an AWS Solutions Architect, and gain the skills you need to get hired in 2023!


  • In-depth learning and knowledge of the advanced AWS technologies needed to pass the Solutions Architect (SAA-C03) exam
  • Hands-on demos that teach you to master cloud architecture design principles
  • The fundamentals & business of the cloud including security, scalability, and the economics of Amazon Web Services
  • Learn the entire AWS cloud ecosystem including analytics tools like Amazon Athena, Kinesis, and QuickSight, EC2 Instances, S3 Storage, artificial intelligence & machine learning, and more
  • Full Practice Exam that simulates the actual exam, including detailed explanations for every answer
  • Learn precisely what is needed to ace the certification exam in an efficient and effective manner
  • Study strategies, tips, exam guide, and practice questions in every section
  • Gain the skills and understanding to confidently apply for AWS Cloud Architect & Cloud Engineer jobs
Table of Contents

1 AWS Certified Solutions Architect
2 Why This Course?
3 Where This Fits into the AWS Certification Path
4 Course Outline
5 DEMO: Creating an AWS Account for Labs
6 DEMO: Creating an AWS Budget for Labs
7 Module Introduction
8 AWS Infrastructure Concepts
9 Core AWS Services
10 An Overview of Ways to Work with AWS
11 DEMO: Installing the AWS CLI on Windows
12 DEMO: Installing the AWS CLI on Linux
13 DEMO: Installing the AWS CLI on Mac
14 DEMO: Configuring the CLI on Linux, Windows and Mac
15 DEMO: Working with AWS CloudShell
16 Important Points to Remember
17 Module Introduction
18 AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Overview
19 DEMO: Creating IAM Users
20 DEMO: Creating IAM User Groups
21 IAM Roles
22 IAM Policies
23 DEMO: Creating IAM Policies
24 DEMO: Attaching IAM Policie
25 Security Token Service (STS) Overview
26 DEMO: Switching Roles in the AWS Console
27 Identity Federation
28 AWS Directory Services Overview
29 AWS Single Sign-On Overview
30 Accounts and Organizations Overview
31 DEMO: Working with Organizations, Accounts and AWS Control Tower
32 Important Points to Remember
33 Module Introduction
34 EC2 Overview, Instance Types and Purchasing
35 DEMO: Creating an EC2 Instance
36 Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) Overview
37 DEMO: Creating an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
38 Connecting to EC2 Instances: Overview
39 DEMO: SSH Connection from Linux
40 DEMO: SSH Connection from Mac
41 DEMO: SSH Connection from Windows 10 or Higher
42 DEMO: SSH Connection from Windows 8 or Earlier
43 DEMO: EC2 Instance Connect with Linux
44 DEMO: Remote Desktop with Windows
45 EC2 Placement Groups Overview
46 DEMO: Creating EC2 Placement Groups
47 EC2 Storage: Elastic Block Store (EBS) Overview
48 DEMO: Creating and Attaching an EBS Volume
49 EC2 Storage: EC2 Instance Store Overview
50 Lambda Overview
51 DEMO: Creating a Lambda Function with an S3 Trigger
52 Lambda Quotas and Use Cases
53 Elastic Beanstalk Overview
54 DEMO: Creating an App with Elastic Beanstalk
55 Containers and Docker Overview
56 Containers on AWS: ECS, EKS, Fargate and ECR Overview
57 Elastic Container Service (ECS) Terminology and Concepts
58 DEMO: Creating an ECS Cluster
59 DEMO: Creating an ECS Service
60 Important Points to Remember
61 Module Introduction
62 Elastic Load Balancing Overview
63 DEMO: Creating an Application Load Balancer
64 Sticky Sessions Overview
65 DEMO: Working with Load Balancer Sticky Sessions
66 Connection Draining and Deregistration Delay
67 Load Balancing with TLS/SSL Certificates
68 Auto Scaling Groups Overview
69 DEMO: Creating an Auto-Scaling Group
70 Auto Scaling Policies
71 DEMO: Creating an ECS Service with a Load Balancer
72 Auto Scaling with ECS
73 Auto Scaling for RDS and DynamoDB
74 Important Points to Remember
75 Module Introduction
76 Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Overview
77 Private, Public and Elastic IP Addresses
78 CIDR Notation and RFC 1918
79 DEMO: Creating a VPC
80 Subnets Overview
81 DEMO: Creating Subnets in a VPC
82 Internet Gateways and Route Tables Overview
83 DEMO: Creating an Internet Gateway and Routing to It
84 Elastic Network Interfaces (ENI) Overview
85 DEMO: Working with Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs)
86 Security Groups Overview
87 DEMO: Creating a Custom Security Group
88 Network Access Control Lists (NACLs) Overview
89 DEMO: Working with Network Access Control Lists (NACLs)
90 Network Access Control Lists (NACLs) vs. Security Groups
91 Network Address Translation (NAT) Overview
92 Network Address Translation (NAT) Devices
93 Bastion Hosts Overview
94 VPC Peering Overview
95 DEMO: Setting up VPC Peering
96 VPC Endpoints Overview
97 VPC Flow Logs Overview
98 VPC Reachability Analyzer Overview
99 DEMO: Working with VPC Reachability Analyzer
100 IMPORTANT! Shut Down Resources
101 Site-to-Site VPN Overview
102 Direct Connect Overview
103 Transit Gateway Overview
104 Important Points to Remember
105 Module Introduction
106 Overview
107 DEMO: Creating and Uploading to an S3 Bucket
108 Durability and Availability
109 Encryption with S3 Overview
110 DEMO: Encrypting Buckets and Objects in S3
111 S3 Versioning Overview
112 DEMO: Enabling Versioning in S3
113 S3 Storage Classes and Lifecycle Overview
114 DEMO: Creating S3 Lifecycle Rules
115 Accessing S3 Objects
116 DEMO: Creating an S3 Bucket Policy
117 DEMO: Working with Presigned URLs
118 DEMO: Hosting a Static Website on S3
119 Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and S3
120 Elastic File System (EFS) Overview
121 Amazon FSx
122 Storage Gateway
123 Snow Family of Products
124 Important Points to Remember
125 Exercise: Imposter Syndrome
126 Module Introduction
127 Overview of Databases in AWS
128 Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) Overview
129 DEMO: Amazon RDS: Creating and Connecting to a MySQL Database
130 Amazon Redshift Overview
131 Amazon DynamoDB Overview
132 DEMO: Creating a DynamoDB Table
133 Amazon ElastiCache Overview
134 Amazon Neptune Overview
135 Important Points to Remember
136 Module Introduction
137 AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) Overview
138 AWS DataSync Overview
139 AWS Application Migration Service Overview
140 AWS Transfer Family Overview
141 AWS Snow Family Overview
142 Important Points to Remember
143 Module Introduction
144 Amazon Athena Overview
145 DEMO: Using Athena to Query S3 Data
146 Amazon Kinesis Family Overview
147 Amazon QuickSight Overview
148 Amazon EMR Overview
149 Important Points to Remember
150 Module Introduction
151 CloudWatch Overview
152 CloudWatch Metrics Overview
153 DEMO: Working with CloudWatch Metrics
154 CloudWatch Logs Overview
155 DEMO: Working with CloudWatch Logs
156 CloudWatch Alarms Overview
157 DEMO: Working with CloudWatch Alarms
158 CloudWatch Dashboards Overview
159 DEMO: Working with CloudWatch Dashboards
160 CloudWatch Agent Overview
161 CloudTrail Overview
162 DEMO: Working with CloudTrail
163 CloudWatch vs. CloudTrail
164 AWS Config Overview
165 DEMO: Working with AWS Config
166 Important Points to Remember
167 Module Introduction
168 Overview of the AWS Shared Responsibility Model
169 Infrastructure Protection: AWS Shield
170 Infrastructure Protection: AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)
171 DEMO: Infrastructure Protection: AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)
172 Data Protection: AWS Key Management System (KMS) and CloudHSM
173 DEMO: Working with Keys in AWS KMS
174 Data Protection: AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)
175 Data Protection: AWS Secrets Manager
176 DEMO: Working with AWS Secrets Manager
177 Data Protection: Amazon Macie
178 Detection: Amazon Inspector
179 Detection: Amazon GuardDuty
180 Detection: AWS Config Overview
181 DEMO: Working with AWS Config
182 Detection: AWS Security Hub
183 DEMO: A Tour of AWS Security Hub
184 Incident Response: Amazon Detective
185 Compliance: AWS Artifact
186 DEMO: A Tour of AWS Artifact
187 Important Points to Remember
188 Module Introduction
189 CloudFormation Overview
190 DEMO: Deploying a CloudFormation Template
191 AWS Service Catalog Overview
192 AWS Systems Manager and Parameter Store Overview
193 Important Points to Remember
194 Module Introduction
195 Domain Name System (DNS) Basics
196 Amazon Route 53 Overview
197 DEMO: Working with Record Types in Route 53
198 CloudFront Overview
199 DEMO: Setting up a CloudFront Distribution with an S3 Origin
200 AWS Global Accelerator Overview
201 Important Points to Remember
202 Module Introduction
203 Amazon API Gateway Overview
204 DEMO: Creating a REST API with API Gateway and Lambda
205 Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) Overview
206 SQS Queue Types and Functionality
207 DEMO: Sending and Receiving Messages with SQS
208 Simple Notification Service (SNS) Overview
209 DEMO: Sending an Email Using Amazon SNS
210 Amazon EventBridge (CloudWatch Events) Overview
211 AWS Step Functions Overview
212 Important Points to Remember
213 Module Introduction
214 The AWS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Stack
215 Important Points to Remember
216 Module Introduction
217 Disaster Recovery Terminology and Strategies
218 Overview of Backup Features in AWS
219 DEMO: Data Lifecycle Manager Overview
220 DEMO: Creating a Backup with AWS Backup
221 DEMO: Restoring a RDS Database to a Point in Time
222 DEMO: Restoring a RDS Database from a Snapshot
223 DEMO: Promoting a RDS Read Replica
224 Disaster Recovery with Amazon Aurora
225 Amazon Aurora Multi-Master and Global Databases
226 Important Points to Remember
227 Module Introduction
228 Overview of EC2 Pricing Models
229 DEMO: Working with Savings Plans, Spot and Reserved Instances
230 Organizations and Consolidated Billing
231 DEMO: Working with the Billing Dashboard
232 DEMO: Working with AWS Cost Explorer
233 DEMO: Working with the AWS Pricing Calculator
234 AWS Budgets and Billing Alerts/Alarms Overview
235 DEMO: Setting up AWS Budgets and CloudWatch Billing Alerts/Alarms
236 IMPORTANT: Deleting Resources Used in the Course
237 Important Points to Remember
238 Module Introduction
239 The Reliability Pillar
240 The Performance Efficiency Pillar
241 The Security Pillar
242 The Cost Optimization Pillar
243 The Operational Excellence Pillar
244 The Sustainability Pillar
245 Module Introduction
246 DEMO: Reviewing the Exam Guide
247 DEMO: Test-Taking Tips and Sample Questions
248 DEMO: Registering for the Exam, Cost and Vouchers
249 Exam Day! What to Expect
250 Next Steps
251 Thank You!