Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2023 NEW DVA-C02

Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate 2023 NEW DVA-C02

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Full Practice Exam with Explanations included! PASS the Amazon Web Services Certified Developer Certification DVA-C02

The AWS Certified Developer Associate certification is one of the most challenging exams. It’s great at assessing how well you understand not just AWS, but the new cloud paradigms such as Serverless, which makes this certification incredibly valuable to have and pass. Rest assured, I’ve passed it myself with a score of 984 out of 1000. Yes, you read that right, I only made one mistake! Next, I want to help YOU pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification with flying colors. No need to know anything about AWS, beginners welcome!

Concretely, here’s what we’ll learn to pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam:

  • The AWS Fundamentals: IAM, EC2, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, EBS, Route 53, RDS, ElastiCache, S3
  • The AWS CLI: CLI setup, usage on EC2, best practices, SDK, advanced usage
  • Properly deploy an application: AWS Elastic Beanstalk, CICD, CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy
  • Infrastructure as code with AWS CloudFormation
  • Monitoring, Troubleshooting & Audit: AWS CloudWatch, X-Ray, CloudTrail
  • AWS Integration & Messaging: SQS, SNS, Kinesis
  • AWS Serverless: AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Cognito, Serverless Application Model (SAM)
  • ECS, ECR & Fargate: Docker in AWS
  • AWS Security best practices: KMS, Encryption SDK, SSM Parameter Store, IAM Policies
  • AWS Other Services Overview: CloudFront, Step Functions, SWF, Redshift
  • Tips to ROCK the exam
Table of Contents

Course Introduction AWS Certified Developer Associate
Course Introduction AWS Certified Developer Associate
PLEASE READ Lectures you can skip if you took a course from me before
Create your AWS Account
AWS Account Activation Troubleshooting
Important Message
About your instructor

Code Slides Download
Code Slides Download

Getting started with AWS
AWS Cloud Overview Regions AZ
Tour of the AWS Console Services in AWS
About the UI changes in the course

IAM Introduction Users Groups Policies
IAM Users Groups Hands On
IAM Policies
IAM Policies Hands On
IAM MFA Overview
IAM MFA Hands On
AWS Access Keys CLI and SDK
AWS CLI Setup on Windows
AWS CLI Setup on Mac OS X
AWS CLI Setup on Linux
AWS CLI Hands On
AWS CloudShell
IAM Roles for AWS Services
IAM Roles Hands On
IAM Security Tools
IAM Security Tools Hands On
IAM Best Practices
IAM Summary

EC2 Fundamentals
AWS Budget Setup
EC2 Basics
Create an EC2 Instance with EC2 User Data to have a Website Hands On
EC2 Instance Types Basics
Security Groups Classic Ports Overview
Security Groups Hands On
SSH Overview
How to SSH using Linux or Mac
How to SSH using Windows
How to SSH using Windows 10
SSH Troubleshooting
EC2 Instance Connect
EC2 Instance Roles Demo
EC2 Instance Purchasing Options

EC2 Instance Storage
EBS Overview
EBS Hands On
EBS Snapshots
EBS Snapshots Hands On
AMI Overview
AMI Hands On
EC2 Instance Store
EBS Volume Types
EBS MultiAttach
Amazon EFS
Amazon EFS Hands On
EBS EFS Section Cleanup

AWS Fundamentals ELB ASG
High Availability and Scalability
Elastic Load Balancing ELB Overview
Note About the Classic Load Balancer CLB
Application Load Balancer ALB
Application Load Balancer ALB Hands On Part 1
Application Load Balancer ALB Hands On Part 2
Network Load Balancer NLB
Network Load Balancer NLB Hands On
Gateway Load Balancer GWLB
Elastic Load Balancer Sticky Sessions
Elastic Load Balancer Cross Zone Load Balancing
Elastic Load Balancer SSL Certificates
Elastic Load Balancer SSL Certificates Hands On
Elastic Load Balancer Connection Draining
Auto Scaling Groups ASG Overview
Auto Scaling Groups Hands On
Auto Scaling Groups Scaling Policies
Auto Scaling Groups Scaling Policies Hands On
Auto Scaling Groups Instance Refresh

AWS Fundamentals RDS Aurora ElastiCache
Amazon RDS Overview
RDS Read Replicas vs Multi AZ
Amazon RDS Hands On
Amazon Aurora
Amazon Aurora Hands On
RDS Aurora Security
RDS Proxy
ElastiCache Overview
ElastiCache Hands On
ElastiCache Strategies
Amazon MemoryDB for Redis Overview

Route 53
What is a DNS
Route 53 Overview
Route 53 Registering a domain
Route 53 Creating our first records
Route 53 EC2 Setup
Route 53 TTL
Route 53 CNAME vs Alias
Routing Policy Simple
Routing Policy Weighted
Routing Policy Latency
Route 53 Health Checks
Route 53 Health Checks Hands On
Routing Policy Failover
Routing Policy Geolocation
Routing Policy Geoproximity
Routing Policy Traffic Flow Geoproximity Hands On
Routing Policy IPbased
Routing Policy Multi Value
rd Party Domains Route 53
Route 53 Section Cleanup

VPC Fundamentals
VPC Fundamentals Section Introduction
VPC Subnets IGW and NAT
VPC Peering Endpoints VPN DX
VPC Cheat Sheet Closing Comments
Three Tier Architecture

Amazon S3 Introduction
S3 Overview
S3 Hands On
S3 Security Bucket Policy
S3 Security Bucket Policy Hands On
S3 Website Overview
S3 Website Hands On
S3 Versioning
S3 Versioning Hands On
S3 Replication
S3 Replication Notes
S3 Replication Hands On
S3 Storage Classes Overview
S3 Storage Classes Hands On

AWS CLI SDK IAM Roles Policies
AWS EC2 Instance Metadata
AWS EC2 Instance Metadata Hands On
AWS CLI Profiles
AWS SDK Overview
Exponential Backoff Service Limit Increase
AWS Credentials Provider Chain
AWS Signature v4 Signing Sigv4

Advanced Amazon S3
S3 Lifecycle Rules with S3 Analytics
S3 Lifecycle Rules Hands On
S3 Event Notifications
S3 Event Notifications Hands On
S3 Performance
S3 Select Glacier Select
S3 Object Tags Metadata

Amazon S3 Security
S3 Encryption
S3 Encryption Hands On
S3 Default Encryption
S3 CORS Hands On
S3 MFA Delete
S3 MFA Delete Hands On
S3 Access Logs
S3 Access Logs Hands On
S3 Presigned URLs
S3 Presigned URLs Hands On
S3 Access Points
S3 Object Lambda

CloudFront Overview
CloudFront Hands On
CloudFront Caching Caching Policies
CloudFront Cache Invalidations
CloudFront Cache Behaviors
CloudFront Caching Caching Invalidations Hands On
CloudFront ALB as an Origin
CloudFront Geo Restriction
CloudFront Signed URL Cookies
CloudFront Signed URL Key Groups Hands On
CloudFront Advanced Concepts
CloudFront Real Time Logs

ECS ECR Fargate Docker in AWS
Docker Introduction
Amazon ECS
Creating ECS Cluster Hands On
Creating ECS Service Hands On
Amazon ECS Auto Scaling
Amazon ECS Rolling Updates
Amazon ECS Solutions Architectures
Amazon ECS Task Definitions Deep Dive
Amazon ECS Task Definitions Hands On
Amazon ECS Task Placements
Amazon ECR
Amazon ECR Hands On
AWS CoPilot Overview
AWS CoPilot Hands On
Amazon EKS

AWS Elastic Beanstalk
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Section Introduction
Elastic Beanstalk Overview High level
Beanstalk First Environment
Beanstalk Second Environment
Beanstalk Deployment Modes
Beanstalk Deployment Modes Hands On
Beanstalk CLI and Deployment Process
Beanstalk Lifecycle Policy Overview Hands On
Beanstalk Extensions
Beanstalk CloudFormation
Beanstalk Cloning
Beanstalk Migrations
Beanstalk Cleanup

AWS CloudFormation
AWS CloudFormation Section Introduction
CloudFormation Overview
CloudFormation Create Stack Hands On
CloudFormation Update and Delete Stack Hands On
YAML Crash Course
CloudFormation Resources
CloudFormation Parameters
CloudFormation Mappings
CloudFormation Outputs
CloudFormation Conditions
CloudFormation Intrinsic Functions
CloudFormation Rollbacks
CloudFormation Stack Notifications
CloudFormation ChangeSets Nested Stacks StackSet
CloudFormation Drift
CloudFormation Stack Policies

AWS Monitoring Audit CloudWatch XRay and CloudTrail
AWS Monitoring Section Introduction
Monitoring Overview in AWS
CloudWatch Metrics
CloudWatch Custom Metrics
CloudWatch Logs
CloudWatch Logs Hands On
CloudWatch Agent CloudWatch Logs Agent
CloudWatch Logs Metric Filters
CloudWatch Alarms
CloudWatch Alarms Hands On
CloudWatch Synthetics
Amazon EventBridge
Amazon EventBridge Hands On
Amazon EventBridge MultiAccount Aggregation
XRay Overview
XRay Hands On
XRay Instrumentation and Concepts
XRay Sampling Rules
XRay with Beanstalk
AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry
CloudTrail Hands On
CloudTrail vs CloudWatch vs XRay
AWS Quick CleanUp

AWS Integration Messaging SQS SNS Kinesis
AWS Integration Messaging Section Introduction
Introduction to Messaging
Amazon SQS Standard Queues Overview
SQS Standard Queue Hands On
SQS Queue Access Policy
SQS Message Visibility Timeout
SQS Dead Letter Queues
SQS Dead Letter Queues Hands On
SQS Delay Queues
SQS Certified Developer concepts
SQS FIFO Queues Advanced
Amazon SNS
Amazon SNS and SQS Fan Out Pattern
SNS Hands On
Kinesis Overview
Kinesis Data Streams Overview
Kinesis Producers
Kinesis Consumers
Kinesis Data Streams Hands On
Kinesis Client Library
Kinesis Operations
Kinesis Data Firehose Overview
Kinesis Data Firehose Hands On
Kinesis Data Analytics
Data Ordering for Kinesis vs SQS FIFO
SQS vs SNS vs Kinesis

AWS Serverless Lambda
AWS Lambda Section Introduction
Serverless Introduction
AWS Lambda Overview
AWS Lambda First Hands On
Lambda Synchronous Invocations
Lambda Synchronous Invocations Hands On
Lambda Application Load Balancer
Lambda Application Load Balancer Hands On
Lambda Asynchronous Invocations DLQ
Lambda Asynchronous Invocations Hands On
Lambda CloudWatch Events EventBridge
Lambda CloudWatch Events EventBridge Hands On
Lambda S3 Event Notifications
Lambda S3 Event Notifications Hands On
Lambda Event Source Mapping
Lambda Event Source Mapping Hands On SQS
Lambda Event Context Objects
Lambda Destinations
Lambda Destinations Hands On
Lambda Permissions IAM Roles Resource Policies
Lambda Permissions IAM Roles Resource Policies Hands On
Lambda Environment Variables
Lambda Environment Variables Hands On
Lambda Monitoring XRay Tracing
Lambda Monitoring XRay Tracing Hands On
LambdaEdge CloudFront Functions
Lambda in VPC
Lambda in VPC Hands On
Lambda Function Performance
Lambda Function Performance Hands On
Lambda Layers
Lambda Layers Hands On
Lambda File Systems Mounting
Lambda Concurrency
Lambda Concurrency Hands On
Lambda External Dependencies
Lambda External Dependencies Hands On
Lambda and CloudFormation
Lambda and CloudFormation Hands On
Lambda Container Images
Lambda Versions and Aliases
Lambda Versions and Aliases Hands On
Lambda and CodeDeploy
Lambda Function URL
Lambda Function URL Hands On
Lambda CodeGuru Integration
Lambda Limits
Lambda Best Practices

AWS Serverless DynamoDB
DynamoDB Section Introduction
DynamoDB Overview
DynamoDB Basics Hands On
DynamoDB WCU RCU Throughput
DynamoDB WCU RCU Hands On
DynamoDB Basic Operations
DynamoDB Basic APIs Hands On
DynamoDB Conditional Writes
DynamoDB Indexes GSI LSI
DynamoDB Indexes GSI LSI Hands On
DynamoDB PartiQL
DynamoDB Optimistic Locking
DynamoDB DAX
DynamoDB DAX Hands On
DynamoDB Streams
DynamoDB Streams Hands On
DynamoDB TTL
DynamoDB CLI
DynamoDB Transactions
DynamoDB Session State
DynamoDB Partitioning Strategies
DynamoDB Conditional Writes Concurrent Writes Atomic Writes
DynamoDB Patterns with S3
DynamoDB Operations
DynamoDB Security Other

AWS Serverless API Gateway
API Gateway Section Introduction
API Gateway Overview
API Gateway Basics Hands On
API Gateway Stages and Deployment
API Gateway Stages and Deployment Hands On
API Gateway Stages Configurations Hands On
API Gateway Canary Deployments
API Gateway Canary Deployments Hands On
API Gateway Integration Types Mappings
API Gateway Mapping Templates Hands On
API Gateway Open API
API Gateway Open API Hands On
API Gateway Caching
API Gateway Usage Plans API Keys
API Gateway Monitoring Logging and Tracing
API Gateway CORS Hands On
API Gateway Authentication and Authorization
API Gateway Websocket API
API Gateway Websocket API Hands On
API Gateway Architecture

AWS CICD CodeCommit CodePipeline CodeBuild CodeDeploy
AWS CICD Section Introduction
Introduction to CICD in AWS
CodeCommit Overview
CodeCommit Hands On Part I
CodeCommit Hands On Part 2
CodePipeline Overview
CodePipeline Hands On
CodePipeline Extras
CodeBuild Overview
CodeBuild Hands On Part I
CodeBuild Hands On Part 2
CodePipeline CloudFormation Integration
CodeDeploy Overview
CodeDeploy Hands On
CodeDeploy for EC2 and ASG
CodeDeploy Extras
CodeStar Overview
CodeStar Hands On
CodeArtifact Overview
CodeArtifact Upstream Repositories Domains
CodeArtifact Hands On
CodeGuru Overview
CodeGuru Agent Configuration
AWS Cloud9 Overview
AWS Cloud9 Hands On

AWS Serverless SAM Serverless Application Model
AWS SAM Section Introduction
SAM Overview
Installing the SAM CLI
Creating first SAM Project
Deploying SAM Project
SAM API Gateway
SAM DynamoDB
SAM CloudFormation Designer and Application Repository
SAM Policy Templates
SAM with CodeDeploy
SAM Local Capabilities
SAM Section Summary
Serverless Application Repository SAR
Serverless Application Repository SAR Hands On

Cloud Development Kit CDK
CDK Overview
CDK Hands On
CDK Constructs
CDK Commands Bootstraping
CDK Unit Testing

Cognito Cognito User Pools Cognito Identity Pools Cognito Sync
Cognito Overview
Cognito User Pools
Cognito User Pools Hands On
Cognito User Pools Others
Application Load Balancer User Authentication
Cognito Identity Pools
Cognito Identity Pools Hands On
Cognito User Pools vs Cognito Identity Pools

Other Serverless Step Functions AppSync
Step Functions Overview
Step Functions Hands On
Step Functions Error Handling
Step Functions Error Handling Hands On
Step Functions Wait For Task Token
Step Functions Activity Tasks
Step Functions Standard vs Express
AppSync Overview
AppSync Hands On
AWS Amplify
AWS Amplify Hands On

Advanced Identity
STS Overview
Advanced IAM
Granting a User Permissions to Pass a Role to an AWS Service
AWS Directory Services

AWS Security Encryption KMS Encryption SDK SSM Parameter Store IAM STS
AWS Security Section Introduction
Encryption 101
KMS Overview
KMS Hands On w CLI
KMS Encryption Patterns and Envelope Encryption
Encryption SDK CLI Hands On
KMS Limits
KMS and AWS Lambda Practice
S3 Bucket Key
KMS Key Policies IAM Principals
CloudHSM Overview
SSM Parameter Store Overview
SSM Parameter Store Hands On CLI
SSM Parameter Store Hands On AWS Lambda
Secrets Manager Overview
Secrets Manager Hands On
Secrets Manager CloudFormation Integration
SSM Parameter Store vs Secrets Manager
CloudWatch Logs Encryption
CodeBuild Security
AWS Nitro Enclaves

AWS Other Services
AWS Other Services Section Introduction
Amazon OpenSearch Service Overview
Amazon Athena Overview
Amazon Athena Hands On
Amazon MSK Overview
Amazon Certificate Manager ACM
Amazon Certificate Manager ACM Hands On
ACM Private CA Overview
AWS AppConfig Overview

AWS Final Cleanup
AWS Final Cleanup
Cleanup Checklist

Preparing for the Exam AWS Certified Developer Associate
Practice Test AWS Certified Developer Associate
Exam Preparation Section Introduction
State of Learning Checkpoint
Exam Tips AWS Certified Developer Associate
Exam Walkthrough and Signup
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Congratulations AWS Certified Developer Associate
Congratulations AWS Certified Developer Associate
Bonus Lecture