NEW AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Course 2023

NEW AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Course 2023

English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 44KHz 2ch | 107 lectures (11h 3m) | 5.54 GB

Pass the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty (ANS-C01) Exam in 2023 with Confidence

Are you ready to take your AWS Networking skills to the next level and become an AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialist? Then look no further! This 11-hour video course has been designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to ace the ANS-C01 exam with ease and confidence.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers all the core concepts and latest updates in AWS Networking – including VPCs, Direct Connect, Routing, and VPNs. Your expert instructor will guide you through hands-on labs and real-world scenarios to reinforce your understanding and help you gain practical experience.

Table of Contents

Lets Get Started
1 Welcome and How to Use this Course
2 The ANSC01 Exam
3 HandsOn Practice Free Tier vs Sandbox
4 Course Download

Getting Started Setup AWS Account
5 Introduction Getting Started
6 AWS Account Overview
7 HandsOn Lesson HOL Create Your AWS Free Tier Account
8 HOL Configure Account and Create a Billing Alarm
9 HOL Install Tools AWS CLI VS Code CloudShell

Networking Fundamentals
10 Introduction Networking Fundamentals
11 Networking in the Cloud
12 Bandwidth and Latency
13 IP Addressing Basics IPv4
14 The OSI Model
15 Routing and Switching
16 Network Address Translation
17 Firewalls

Amazon VPC Fundamentals
18 Introduction Amazon VPC Fundamentals
19 Amazon VPC Overview
20 Defining VPC CIDR Blocks
21 Secondary CIDR Blocks and Prefix Lists
22 HOL Secondary CIDRs and Prefix Lists
23 Public and Private Subnets
24 HOL Create a Custom VPC with Subnets
25 VPC Routing Deep Dive
26 HOL Launch Instances and Test VPC
27 Security Groups and Network ACLs
28 HOL Configure Security Groups and NACLs
29 NAT Gateways and NAT Instances
30 HOL Create NAT Gateway
31 AWS Local Zones
32 Exam Cram Amazon VPC Fundamentals

Compute and Elastic Load Balancing
33 Introduction Compute and ELB
34 EC2 Networking
35 HOL Working with ENIs
36 Public Private and Elastic IP Addresses
37 NAT for Public Addresses
38 HOL Working with EC2 IP addresses
39 Types of Elastic Load Balancer
40 Routing and Session Management
41 ALB and NLB Access Control and SSLTLS
42 HOL Create EC2 Auto Scaling Group for ELB
43 HOL Create Application Load Balancer
44 HOL Create Network Load Balancer
45 Gateway Load Balancer Deployments
46 Amazon ECS
47 Amazon EKS
48 Amazon API Gateway Deployments
49 Exam Cram Compute and Elastic Load Balancing

Advanced VPC DNS and Edge
50 Introduction Advanced VPC DNS and Edge
51 AWS Organizations
52 HOL Create Organization and Add Account
53 Amazon VPC Peering
54 HOL Configure VPC Peering
55 VPC Endpoints
56 HOL Create VPC Endpoint
57 DNS Resolution with Amazon Route 53
58 DHCP Option Sets
59 HOL Using Route 53 Routing Policies
60 HOL Viewing and Creating DHCP Options Sets
61 Amazon Route 53 Resolver
62 Secure Content Delivery with CloudFront
63 HOL Configure Distribution Settings
64 CloudFront SSLTLS and SNI
65 AWS Global Accelerator
66 HOL Create a Global Accelerator
67 Bring your own IP addresses BYOIP
68 Using IPv6 in a VPC
69 HOL Configure IPv6
70 Exam Cram Advanced VPC DNS and Edge

Network Design and Implementation
71 Introduction Network Design and Implementation
72 Border Gateway Protocol BGP
73 Route Priority in a VPC
74 HOL Reachability Analyzer
75 AWS Client VPN
76 HOL Deploy AWS Client VPN
77 AWS SitetoSite VPN
78 HOL Deploy AWS SitetoSite VPN
79 AWS VPN CloudHub
80 AWS Direct Connect DX Deep Dive
81 HOL Create Direct Connect Connection
82 AWS Direct Connect Gateway
83 AWS Transit Gateway
84 VPC Sharing
85 HOL Share Subnet using RAM
86 AWS Outposts
87 AWS CloudFormation Core Knowledge
88 HOL Create Amazon VPC with CloudFormation
89 Exam Cram Network Design and Implementation

Network Security
90 Introduction Network Security
91 Traffic Capture Mirroring and Logging
92 HOL Create VPC Flow Log
93 Compliance with AWS Config
94 HOL Monitor Security Group Compliance
95 Network Firewall and DNS Firewall
96 HOL AWS Firewall Manager
98 AWS Shield
99 Encryption Primer
100 Network Encryption
101 AWS Key Management Service KMS
102 SSLTLS Certificates
103 Amazon CloudWatch Features and Use Cases
104 HOL CloudWatch Contributor Insights for VPC Flow Logs
105 AWS CloudTrail Use Cases
106 HOL EventBridge Alert for API Action
107 Exam Cram Network Security