[NEW] AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty 2023

[NEW] AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty 2023

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Pass the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Certification ANS-C01. Taught by an AWS Networking & VPC Expert!

The AWS Certified Networking Specialty Exam ANS-C01 is one of the most challenging certification exams you can take from Amazon. Passing it tells employers in no uncertain terms that your knowledge of AWS networking is wide and deep. But, even experienced technologists need to prepare heavily for this exam. This course sets you up for success by covering all of the AWS networking topics on the exam and how they fit together.

Best-selling Udemy instructors Stéphane Maarek and AWS Networking expert Chetan Agrawal have teamed up to deliver the most comprehensive and hands-on prep course we’ve seen.

This course combines Stéphane’s depth on AWS with Chetan’s experience in AWS Networking. Chetan and Stéphane took and passed the exam themselves on the first try.

The world of networking on AWS includes in-depth knowledge about technologies and services. Here are some of the concepts we will cover:

  • Learn networking fundamentals with Amazon VPC
  • Learn advanced features of VPC
  • Understand DNS and DHCP options on VPC
  • Learn Networking Performance and Optimizations
  • Configure VPC Peering, VPC Gateway & Interface Endpoints
  • Learn Hybrid Networking (combining networking of on-premises and AWS) in depth.
  • In-depth configuration of Site-to-Site VPN, AWS Client VPN, and Direct Connect
  • Networking aspects of AWS Elastic Load Balancers and AWS CloudFront
  • Advanced DNS configurations with Route 53
  • Kubernetes networking and Amazon EKS Networking
  • Advanced Network architectures
  • many additional AWS networking features

You’ll have many opportunities to reinforce your learning with hands-on exercises throughout the course. We’ll also arm you with some valuable test-taking tips and strategies along the way.

AWS Networking is an advanced certification, and it’s best tackled by students who have already obtained associate-level certification in AWS and have some real-world industry experience. This exam is not intended for AWS beginners.

Table of Contents

1 Course Introduction
2 Introduction to AWS Networking

Code & Slides Download
3 Code & Slides Download

Amazon VPC fundamentals
4 Section Introduction
5 VPC Addressing (CIDR)
6 VPC Route Tables
7 IP Addresses – Private vs Public vs Elastic & IPv4 vs IPv6
8 Elastic Network Interfaces (ENI)
9 VPC Firewall – Security Group
10 VPC Firewall – Network Access Control List (NACL)
11 Default VPC
12 Hands On Creating VPC with Public Subnet
13 Hands On Add Private subnet
14 NAT Gateway
15 Hands On Create NAT Gateway
16 NAT Gateway High Availability
17 NAT Instance (EC2 based NAT)
18 Exam Essentials

Additional VPC features
19 Extending VPC address space
20 Revisiting Elastic Network Interface (ENI)
21 Bring Your Own IP
22 VPC Traffic Monitoring
23 VPC Traffic Mirroring

24 Amazon VPC DNS Server
25 Default EC2 Public and Private DNS Names
26 EC2 Customer domain name
27 VPC DHCP Options sets
28 Hands On Custom DNS with Route53 Private Hosted zone
29 Hands On Custom DNS with DNS server
30 Hybrid DNS resolution – VPC to On-premises and On-premises to AWS
31 Summary

Network Performance and Optimization
32 Basics of Network performance – Bandwidth, Latency, Jitter, Throughput, PPS, MTU
33 Placement Groups and EBS Optimized EC2 instances
34 Enhanced Networking
35 DPDK and Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA)
36 Bandwidth Limits inside and outside of VPC
37 Network IO credits
38 Summary
39 Exam Essentials

VPC Peering
40 Introduction to VPC private connectivity options
41 VPC Peering
42 Hands On VPC Peering across AWS regions
43 VPC Peering invalid scenarios

VPC Endpoints – VPC Gateway Endpoint
44 Introduction to VPC endpoints
45 VPC Gateway Endpoint
46 Hands On VPC gateway endpoint
47 VPC endpoints and S3 bucket policy
48 Accessing VPC gateway endpoint from remote network

VPC interface endpoint and PrivateLink
49 Introduction to VPC Interface endpoint
50 Hands On Create VPC interface endpoint and access SQS
51 VPC Interface endpoint for Customer service (PrivateLink)
52 VPC PrivateLink architecture
53 Hands On VPC PrivateLink
54 VPC interface endpoint DNS
55 Accessing VPC interface endpoint from remote network
56 VPC PrivateLink vs VPC Peering
57 Summary
58 Exam Essentials

Transit Gateway
59 Introduction to Transit Gateway
60 Transit Gateway VPC attachments and Routing
61 Hands On Transit Gateway & VPCs with full routing
62 Hands On Transit Gateway & VPCs with restricted routing
63 Transit Gateway VPC Network Patterns
64 Transit Gateway AZ considerations
65 Transit Gateway AZ affinity & Appliance mode
66 Transit Gateway Peering
67 Transit Gateway Connect Attachment
68 Transit Gateway & Direct Connect
69 Transit Gateway Multicast
70 TGW Architecture Centralized outbound internet using NAT
71 TGW Architecture Centralized IPSIDS with Gateway Load Balancer
72 TGW Architecture Centralized VPC interface endpoints
73 VPC Peering vs Transit Gateway
74 Transit Gateway Sharing

Hybrid Network Basics
75 Introduction to Hybrid networking
76 OSI Layers refresher
77 How IPSec VPN works
78 Static Routing vs Dynamic Routing
79 How BGP works
80 BGP Route selection – ASPATH, LOCAL_PREF, MED

AWS Site-to-Site VPN
81 Introduction to AWS Site-to-Site VPN
82 Hands On Setup AWS Site-to-Site VPN
83 VPN NAT Traversal (NAT-T)
84 VPN Route Propagation (Static vs Dynamic)
85 VPN Transitive Routing scenarios
86 VPN Tunnels – ActivePassive Mode
87 VPN Dead Peer Detection (DPD)
88 VPN Monitoring
89 AWS Site-to-Site VPN Architectures
90 AWS VPN CloudHub
91 EC2 based VPN
92 EC2 based VPN – High Availability
93 EC2 based VPN – Horizontal Scaling
94 AWS Transit VPC

AWS Client VPN
95 Introduction to AWS Client VPN
96 Hands On Setup the AWS Client VPN
97 Hands On Accessing VPC internet gateway over the Client VPN connection
98 Hands On Client VPN Split Tunnel
99 Hands On Accessing VPC peering connection over a Client VPN

Direct Connect
100 Introduction to Direct Connect
101 Direct Connect Components
102 Direct Connect Requirements
103 Direct Connect Connection Types – Dedicated vs Hosted
104 Steps to create Direct Connect Connections
105 Walkthrough Creating a DX Connection
106 Introduction to DX Virtual Interfaces (VIFs)
107 DX Virtual Interfaces (VIF) creation parameters
108 Public VIF
109 Private VIF
110 Direct Connect Gateway
111 Direct Connect with Transit Gateway (TGW)
112 DX and Transit VPC
113 DX Routing policies and BGP communities
114 Public VIF Routing policies
115 Public VIF routing scenarios
116 Public VIF BGP Communities
117 Private VIF routing policies and BGP communities
118 DX LAG (Link Aggregation Group)
119 DX Connection Resiliency
120 DX Failure detection with BFD – Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
121 DX Security & Encryption (VPN over DX and MACSec)
122 MTU and Jumbo Frames for DX
123 DX Billing
124 DX Monitoring using CloudWatch
125 DX Troubleshooting – Layer1-4
126 Summary and Exam Essentials

127 CloudFront Overview
128 CloudFront Origins
129 Hands On Origin Groups
130 CloudFront Origin Headers
131 CloudFront Origin Security
132 Hands On Restrict an ALB to CloudFront
133 CloudFront and HTTPS
134 End-to-End Encryption in CloudFront
135 CloudFront Geo Restrictions
136 CloudFront Functions and Lambda@Edge
137 Hands On CloudFront Functions
138 CloudFront Cleanup
139 AWS Global Accelerator
140 Hands On AWS Global Accelerator

Elastic Load Balancers
141 ELB Overview
142 Classic Load Balancer
143 Application Load Balancer
144 Network Load Balancer
145 Connection Idle Timeout
146 Request Routing Algorithm
147 Sticky Sessions (Session Affinity)
148 Cross-Zone Load Balancing
150 Connection Draining
151 X-Forwarded Headers
152 Hands On ALB X-Forwarded Headers
153 Proxy Protocol
154 Hands On NLB Proxy Protocol
155 gRPC & ALB
156 Hybrid Connectivity

Route 53
157 What is a DNS
158 Route 53 Overview
159 Route 53 – Registering a domain
160 Route 53 – Creating our first records
161 Route 53 – EC2 Setup
162 Route 53 – TTL
163 Route 53 CNAME vs Alias
164 Routing Policy – Simple
165 Routing Policy – Weighted
166 Routing Policy – Latency
167 Route 53 – Health Checks
168 Route 53 – Health Checks Hands On
169 Routing Policy – Failover
170 Routing Policy – Geolocation
171 Routing Policy – Geoproximity
172 Routing Policy – Traffic Flow & Geoproximity Hands On
173 Routing Policy – Multi Value
174 rd Party Domains & Route 53
175 DNS Migration in Route 53
176 Common Route 53 Records
177 Route 53 – Subdomain Zones
178 Route 53 – DNSSEC
179 Route 53 Resolvers & Hybrid DNS
180 Hands On Route53 Resolvers – Part 1 – Setting up VPN
181 Hands On Route53 Resolvers – Part 2 – DNS configuration
182 Hands On Route53 Resolvers – Part 3 – Resolver endpoints
183 Route 53 Logging
184 Route 53 DNS Firewall
185 Solution Architectures for DNS
186 Route 53 – Cleanup

AWS Network Security Services
187 Introduction to AWS Network Security Services
188 Recap – Security Groups and Network ACL
189 AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)
190 Hands On Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack simulation and prevention with WAF
191 Introduction to AWS Network Firewall (2021)
192 AWS Network Firewall – VPC and Route tables
193 AWS Network Firewall Components & Rule groups
194 Hands On AWS Network Firewall

Gateway Load Balancers
195 The legacy way of using the Network appliances
196 Gateway Load Balancer and Traffic flow
197 Hands On Gateway Load Balancer
198 Summary Gateway Load Balancer
199 Exam Essentails

Amazon EKS Networking (Jan’23)
200 Basics of Containers, Microservices and Kubernetes
201 Kubernetes Architecture
202 Amazon EKS Architecture
203 EKS Cluster Networking
204 EKS Pod Networking – Part 1
205 EKS Pod Networking – Part 2
206 Security Group in EKS – Node and Pod level
207 Exposing services using ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer and Ingress
208 EKS Custom Networking – Extending IPv4 address space
209 EKS Networking Summary

AWS Management & Governance services
210 Introduction to AWS Management & Governance Services
211 AWS CloudFormation
212 AWS Service Catalog
213 AWS Config
214 AWS CloudTrail

Additional Topics
215 AWS Private NAT Gateway
216 AWS Network architecture for Amazon WorkspacesAppstream 2.0
217 AWS WaveLength
218 AWS Local Zones

Final section – Congratulations!
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222 Bonus Lecture