Autonomous Robots: Model Predictive Control

Autonomous Robots: Model Predictive Control
Autonomous Robots: Model Predictive Control
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Build a self-driving car and program it to follow the speed limit, pull into parking spaces, and avoid obstacles

This course takes a practical, hands-on approach to teach you all about Model Predictive Control. MPC is crucial for solving a wide range of robotics as well as non-robotics problems. To enhance your learning experience, the author has created a simulator that will allow you to code an entire Model Predictive Controller and see the results of your work in real time. The objective of this course is to help you implement MPC in code and understand the MPC logic intuitively.


  • Design and implement a Model Predictive Controller for an autonomous vehicle
  • Program a self-driving car pull into a parking space
  • Make a self-driving car follow the speed limit
  • Program a self-driving car to avoid obstacles
Table of Contents

1 Tips for Success
2 Introduction
3 Free Installation Guide
4 Conda Environments

Problem Setup
5 Problem Setup Part 1
6 Problem Setup Part 2
7 Assignment 0 – Walkthrough

Highway Speed Control
8 Highway Speed Control
9 Assignment 1 – Intro
10 Assignment 1 – Walkthrough

Parking Control
11 Parking Control
12 Assignment 2 – Intro
13 Assignment 2 – Walkthrough

Obstacle Avoidance
14 Obstacle Avoidance
15 Assignment 3 – Intro
16 Assignment 3 – Walkthrough

17 Outro