Apache NiFi – A Complete Guide (Hortonworks DataFlow – HDF)

Apache NiFi – A Complete Guide (Hortonworks DataFlow – HDF)

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Apache NiFi, a robust, open-source data ingestion/distribution framework, is the core of Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF)

Apache NiFi is a robust, open-source data ingestion and distribution framework—and more. It can propagate any data content from any source to any destination. NiFi is based on a different programming paradigm called Flow-Based Programming (FBP). We define Flow-Based Programming, but don’t explain it. Instead, we tell you how NiFi works, and then you can connect it with our definition of Flow-Based Programming.

The field of big data is quite vast, and anyone who starts learning big data and its related technologies may find the experience very daunting. There are numerous big data technologies, and deciding where to begin can be overwhelming. However, there is a lot of scope for big data and its related technologies such as Apache NiFi, Spark, Flink, and more. So, start your big data journey today by learning about Apache NiFi.


  • The core concepts of Apache NiFi
  • Key NiFi features such as backpressure, prioritization, expiration, monitoring, reporting tasks, data provenance, and more.
  • NiFi registry for version control
  • Install Apache NiFi in standalone and cluster modes
Table of Contents

Apache NiFi Introduction
1 Course Introduction
2 What is a Data Flow, Data Pipeline & ETL
3 Why should we use a Framework for Data Flow
4 What is Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi Installation
5 Installing Apache NiFi in a Mac Linux
6 Installing Apache NiFi in a Windows Machine

Apache NiFi Basics
7 NiFi User Interface
8 Core NiFi Terminologies
9 More on FlowFiles of NiFi
10 Types of Processors Available in NiFi
11 Processor Configuration, Connection & Relationship in NiFi
12 Connection Queue & Back Pressure in NiFi

Hands-on with Apache NiFi
13 Working with Attributes & Content in NiFi
14 Working with Expression Language in NiFi
15 More on Expression Language Functions in NiFi
16 Working with Process Group, Input Port & Output Port in NiFi
17 Working with Templates in NiFi
18 Working with Funnel in NiFi
19 Working with Controller Services in NiFi
20 Working with Variable Registry in NiFi

Apache NiFi Advanced Concepts
21 FlowFile Prioritization in NiFi
22 FlowFile Expiration in NiFi
23 Data Provenance in NiFi

Monitoring in NiFi
24 Monitoring NiFi
25 Monitoring NiFi using Reporting Task
26 Remote Monitoring NiFi using Reporting Task

NiFi Registry for Version Control
27 Overview on NiFi Registry
28 Installation of NiFi Registry
29 Configuring NiFi and NiFi Registry to Enable Version Control
30 Configuring NiFi Registry with Multiple NiFi Instances
31 Configuring NiFi Registry to Enable Git Persistence

NiFi Cluster for Heavy Lifting
32 Overview on NiFi Clustering
33 Limitation in NiFi Clustering
34 NiFi Cluster Configuration using Embedded Zookeeper
35 NiFi Cluster Configuration using External Zookeeper

NiFi Custom Processor – Do the Impossible
36 Overview on NiFi Custom Processor
37 Our First Custom Processor