Angular 2 Fundamentals for Web Developers

Angular 2 Fundamentals for Web Developers

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Develop faster, better and more elegantly with the power of Angular 2

NB: This course is based on a beta version of Angular 2. The majority of the course still applies to the release version, and we are currently looking at updating it.

Angular 2 comes with more ease of use features such as re-useable and readable code with components, reduced learning curve, enhanced performance, adherence to ES6 specification, better mobile support and incorporation of Flux and ReactJS. Designed in collaboration with industry experts, this course wilI help you get up to speed with all of these new features by giving you a holistic view of the framework and helping you learn using no additional resources at all. This amazing tutorial will cover all of the fundamentals of Angular 2 and TypeScript, and will introduce you to programming concepts such as conditions, arrays, functions, directives, pipes, etc. Once you’ve learned all about Angular 2, you’ll get to implement your knowledge by building an interesting Customer Management application. That’s not all, the tutorial will also include a quiz at the end of each section to help you review what you have learned. With this course, you will have learned everything from the start to the end, after which you should be completely comfortable to begin building your next web app using Angular 2.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand and use the new features of Angular 2
  • Build a complete professional project using Angular 2
  • Master concepts of components and data binding
  • Learn advance Angular 2 concepts
Table of Contents

01. Introduction

Getting Started with Angular 2
02. Section Intro
03. What is Angular
04. New in Angular 2
05. Install Node.js, NPM, and Git
06. Using the Quickstart – Part A
07. Using the Quickstart – Part B

Working With Components
08. Section Intro
09. Intro to Components
10. Creating a Component
11. Data Binding – Part A
12. Data Binding – Part B

Templates, Events, and Services
13. Section Intro
14. Built-in Directives
15. User Input and Events
16. Create a Service
17. Dependency Injection

Forms, Pipes and Routing
18. Section Intro
19. Pipes
20. Form Controls
21. FormBuilder and Validation
22. Angular 2 Router

Observables and Asynchronous Data
23. Section Intro
24. Intro to Observables
25. Observables and HTTP
26. Using the HTTP Module
27. Returning Observables from a Service
28. Life cycle Methods and Loader

Customer Manager Application
29. Project Intro
30. File Structure and Firebase Setup
31. Component Structure and Imports
32. Creating Our Routes
33. UI Design with W3
34. Adding To Firebase – Part A
35. Adding To Firebase – Part B
36. Displaying Data – Part A
37. Displaying Data – Part B
38. Client Details and Delete Functionality
39. Edit Groups and Clients
40. Filter Pipe

Course Summary
41. Summary