Analog Circuit Design using Current-Mode Techniques

Analog Circuit Design using Current-Mode Techniques

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1032393070 | 176 Pages | PDF | 16 MB

This book deals with the design of CMOS compatible analog circuits using current mode techniques. The chapters are organized in order of growing circuit complexity. The area of analog signal processing is introduced to readers as an evergreen subject of academics and research interest. The contents cover various interfacing circuits, different types of amplifiers, single-time constant networks and higher order networks for system design applications.


  • Presents the design of CMOS analog circuits using the current-mode building blocks in a comprehensive manner
  • Covers several amplifiers, different types of current mode filters including electronically tune-able ones with ease of integration features
  • Discusses in detail the waveform generation circuits and their applications in communication systems
  • Presents advanced topics related to field programmable analog arrays
  • Proposes new current-mode activation function circuit for neural networks

This book covers electronic tuning aspects of circuits with the help of solved examples and unsolved exercises. The contents include many non-linear applications using current-mode techniques. In form of signal generators, many oscillators for various communication and instrumentation systems are presented. Few current-mode configurable analog cells and their tuning aspects are covered. Some SPICE based results are given in support of presented circuits. Each chapter discusses the IC compatibility issue, which provides useful direction for carrying out laboratory exercises on the subject. The book is expected to serve as an ideal reference text for research, senior undergraduate and graduate students in the field of electrical, electronics, instrumentation and communications engineering.