Artificial Intelligence for Renewable Energy and Climate Change

Artificial Intelligence for Renewable Energy and Climate Change

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1119768999 | 496 Pages | PDF | 63 MB

Artificial Intelligence for Renewable Energy and Climate Change
Written and edited by a global team of experts in the field, this groundbreaking new volume presents the concepts and fundamentals of using artificial intelligence in renewable energy and climate change, while also covering the practical applications that can be utilized across multiple disciplines and industries, for the engineer, the student, and other professionals and scientists.

Renewable energy and climate change are two of the most important and difficult issues facing the world today. The state of the art in these areas is changing rapidly, with new techniques and theories coming online seemingly every day. It is important for scientists, engineers, and other professionals working in these areas to stay abreast of developments, advances, and practical applications, and this volume is an outstanding reference and tool for this purpose.

The paradigm in renewable energy and climate change shifts constantly. In today’s international and competitive environment, lean and green practices are important determinants to increase performance. Corresponding production philosophies and techniques help companies diminish lead times and costs of manufacturing, improve delivery on time and quality, and at the same time become more ecological by reducing material use and waste, and by recycling and reusing. Those lean and green activities enhance productivity, lower carbon footprint and improve consumer satisfaction, which in reverse makes firms competitive and sustainable.

This practical, new groundbreaking volume:

  • Features coverage on a wide range of topics such as classical and nature-inspired optimization and optimal control, hybrid and stochastic systems
  • Is ideally designed for engineers, scientists, industrialist, academicians, researchers, computer and information technologists, sustainable developers, managers, environmentalists, government leaders, research officers, policy makers, business leaders and students
  • Is useful as a practical tool for practitioners in the fields of sustainable and renewable energy sustainability
  • Includes wide coverage of how artificial intelligence can be used to impact the struggle against global warming and climate change