Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT for Smart Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT for Smart Healthcare

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-8770227575 | 120 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

The concepts of telemedicine and e-healthcare have eased as well as improved the reachability of experienced doctors and medical staff to remote patients. A patient who is living in a remote village area can directly connect to specialist doctors across the globe though his/her mobile phone using telemedicine systems and e-healthcare services.

In pandemic situations like COVID-19, these online platforms helped society to get medical treatment from their residence without any physical movement. Technology is transforming human lives by playing an important role in the planning, designing, and development of intelligent systems for better service.

This book presents a cross-disciplinary perspective on the concept of machine learning, blockchain and IoT by congregating cutting-edge research and insights. It also identifies and discusses various advanced technologies such as internet of things (IoT), big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cyber security, cloud computing, sensors and so on that are vital to foster the development of smart healthcare and telemedicine systems by providing effective solutions to the medical challenges faced by humankind.