Advanced Techniques for Ethical Hacking

Advanced Techniques for Ethical Hacking

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Once you’re proficient with basic ethical hacking techniques, you may be wondering about your next play. Advanced skills in evasion become increasingly necessary when you’re entering and operating on more complex systems. In this course, instructor Malcolm Shore shows you techniques to become a savvier penetration tester and take a big leap in your ethical hacking career.

Explore strategies to avoid detection and minimize your footprint every step of the way—using shells, encoders, and encryptors, living off the land, and leaving no trace. Get practical tips on advanced enumeration with tools like LinPEAS, WinPEAS, and SharpUp, as well as tunneling with an SSH connection to dig deeper into networks, systems, and websites. Malcolm walks you through the steps of safely exfiltrating information, with pointers on how to escalate your privileges along the way.

Table of Contents

1 Taking the next step in your ethical hacking career
2 What you should know
3 Disclaimer

Operating Stealthily
4 Being detected
5 Trying stealthy shells
6 Leaving footprints

Living off the Land
7 What is living off the land
8 Using PowerHub
9 Using the PHPSploit shell

Advanced Enumeration
10 Stealthy linux enumeration
11 Stealthy Windows enumeration
12 Powering up our escalation

Tunneling and Exfiltration
13 Setting up and using an SSH tunnel
14 Exfiltrating data over ICMP
15 Exfiltration via DNS

Escalating Privileges
16 Using Baron Samedit to escalate in Linux
17 Escalating through a dirty pipe
18 Escalating through a nightmare
19 Exploiting the Active Domain

20 What’s next