Advanced Azure Microservices with .NET for Developers

Advanced Azure Microservices with .NET for Developers

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Are you a .NET developer looking for advanced topics and scenarios? This course offers just what you’re looking for, with detailed training on building microservice-based applications using .NET and Azure. Instructor Rodrigo Díaz Concha gives you a refresher on microservices and introduces you to the microservices and technical components that this course shows you how to build. Rodrigo begins with building event-driven microservices, including creating, publishing, and consuming the integration event. Then he goes into the Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern and shows you how to implement the first command and the viewer service. Rodrigo covers the Event Sourcing pattern and its relationship with microservices, then dives into how the API Gateway pattern allows applications to communicate indirectly to the microservices. He concludes with health checks you can perform in .NET and other cross-cutting concerns that you may need to address.

Table of Contents

1 Top tactics to build advanced .NET microservices
2 What you should know
3 Microservices refresher
4 The scenario used in this course Wisdom Pet Medicine
5 What we are going to build
6 Preparing the development environment

1. Event-Driven Microservices
7 Event-driven architecture primer
8 Handling the domain event and creating the integration event
9 Publishing the integration event to Azure Service Bus
10 Consuming the integration event from Azure Service Bus
11 Storing the data from the integration event
12 Challenge Perform asynchronous communication using events
13 Solution Perform asynchronous communication using events

2. The CQRS Pattern
14 Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern
15 Implementing the first command
16 Implementing the viewer service
17 Challenge Implementing the CQRS pattern
18 Solution Implementing the CQRS pattern

3. Event Sourcing and Microservices
19 Introduction to the Event Sourcing pattern
20 Creating the event store in Azure Cosmos DB
21 Creating and storing the first events
22 Reading the event store through CQRS
23 Challenge Implementing event sourcing
24 Solution Implementing event sourcing

4. API Gateway
25 Introducing the API Gateway pattern
26 Implementing the API Gateway pattern by using Ocelot
27 Challenge Configuring additional routes in the API gateway
28 Solution Configuring additional routes in the API gateway

5. Cross-Cutting Concerns
29 Health checks
30 Versioning
31 Centralized logging and distributed tracing
32 Challenge Implementing cross-cutting concerns
33 Solution Implementing cross-cutting concerns

34 Next steps